Year in Review

Year End Review: The Knitting

At the end of the year, I always enjoy looking back to review what I did with my time.  Today, let's check out my knitting in 2011.

Generally, it was a far less prolific year than usual when it came to production.  I think I spent as much time knitting as usual, but just didn't seem to end up with much to show for it.  Seems I was more focused on small things. . . baby sweaters, hats, vampires.  And, of course, the slippers.  All the slippers!

If I choose my five favorite knitting projects for the year, I think I'd have to choose these:

My Summer Solstice cardigan. . .


My Bettie Boop Noni bag. . .


The little Gift Wrap Sweater . . .


My Cladonia shawl. . .


And, well, the Duffers!  (All of them, actually. . . but I like the color combination on this pair for Erin best of all.)


(Ravelry links here, here, here, here, and here.)