Words in the Wild

Surprise Inside

I received a package in the mail the other day - something I had ordered - and it had a little cheery surprise inside:  This happy coaster . . .


An excellent reminder, don't you think?

Have a great weekend (a long one here in the U.S.), and I'll see you on Tuesday.


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Wearing Inspiration

I love finding little labels-of-inspiration in things I'm wearing or using. 

Every time I put on this shirt, it reminds me that . . . 


getting myself outside every day . . . is actually one of the five daily "things" that bring balance to my life.

And I smile whenever I put on this cap . . . 


knowing that these wise words are right there -- pushing into my brain while I wear it.

And I love to open my wallet to find . . . 


(Plus - "vexes" is one of my all time favorite words.  So seeing it every time I use my wallet just brings me extra joy.)

I can't quite figure out how these words on the waistband of one of Tom's favorite pairs of pants inspire. . . 




Today's post sort of qualifies for Three on Thursday (let's just say . . . it's three inspiring labels with an extra bonus goofy label and call it close enough). Be sure to hop on over to Carole's today for more Three on Thursday posts!