Walking on Wednesdays

Out and About on a Wednesday

It's Wednesday.

Let's go for a walk.

IMG_1255 2

Although we have lots of trails for walking around here, mostly I just stick to my neighborhood streets when I go out for a walk these days. (Sometimes, as a special treat, I'll load up the dogs and visit a trail. But I haven't done much of that since the pandemic.)

Walking is such a great way to get outside every day -- and the dogs love it. We have a large, fenced backyard . . . which means the dogs get plenty of time outside (and opportunities to "do their business" right at home), so our walks aren't a necessity -- they're just for fun and adventure and a change of pace. Plus -- good exercise all around!


Jenny - now 13 1/2 - can't manage a long walk anymore, but she's good for a short half-mile or so. (And, trust me, she will not be denied an opportunity to go out for a walk!) Usually, Tom and I walk a half-mile loop together every day -- he takes Jenny, I take JoJo. When we loop back to our house, he and Jenny head inside while JoJo and I keep going. It's a good system that works well for us.

Except when Tom is gone.

Like now. (He is up north, closing down the cabin for the season.)

Then, I take both dogs on our half-mile loop . . . before continuing on with JoJo (after settling Jenny down for a nap).


I'm happy I live in a neighborhood where it's easy for me to get out and walk. Plenty of sidewalks. Not much traffic. Room for appropriate social distancing. 

And . . . right now is an especially lovely time to be out, enjoying the fall.

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How about you? Where do you like to walk?