Treasure Box

Treasure Box

I have many little treasures in my house.  Little somethings that bring me joy.  Like this tiny spinning wheel.


My great-grandfather made this little treasure.  He was quite handy with wood -- a furniture-maker by trade.  This tiny spinning wheel was in my great-grandmother's room on a shelf when I was a little girl, and I always admired it.  (The treadle works to make the wheel go round and round.)  (This is the same great-grandmother who taught me to stitch.  You know . . . the one who didn't blink an eye when I stitched my work to my skirt?)

When my great-grandmother died, the spinning wheel went to my dad.  And when my dad downsized last year, it came to live with me.

I love seeing it there, on my bookshelf in my library.


Such a treasure!