Simple Pleasures

Finding Alternatives, As One Does

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about things I miss from the Before Times. 
And how I can find alternatives for them in the Now Times.


In days gone by, I used to have regular facials. Usually . . . whenever the seasons changed. So about 4 facials per year. If you've ever had a facial, you know that they're kind of wonderful  AND kind of not so much (can you say extractions???). But I loved that hour-and-a-half of total pampering. Of totally letting go . . . and completely buying in to "it is what it is." 

Plus. It was great for my skin.

I had a facial scheduled for mid-March last year. And you know THAT didn't happen. So it's been over a year for me. . . without one.
And I miss it.

So I decided to recreate the experience . . . as best I could . . . here at home. (You can find lots of how-to-give-yourself-a-home-facial articles with a quick Google search. Here's one, if you're interested in trying one for yourself.)

I have always splurged on my skin care products. But recently, I decided I need MORE . . . if I'm going to emulate a facial experience here at home. I've added a mask. And a (kinda sorta but not really) chemical peel. And . . . then, I ordered this . . . 


It's a facial cleanser/massager. And it is so much cooler than I anticipated when I ordered it! It's so NOT like the only other facial scrubber I ever used . . . the one I had in high school that scrubbed off entire layers of my skin. No. This one is gentle. And effective. And FUN. I just put a tiny dab of my regular cleanser on it, turn it on (there are 4 settings for cleaning/massaging), and voilá!


Home facial! Lathered up and feeling good -- every morning.

I also got one of these . . . 


What is THAT, you ask? Why . . . it's a "contour vibrating facial roller and massager," of course! Talk about a luxury item (for less than $20)! It's designed to "help stimulate circulation, promote collagen production, and help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles." Uh-huh. That's what they say. And maybe it does that. But I say . . . it just feels good! It feels like a splurge! 


The rose quartz stone is cool and smooth. The vibration is gentle. It just feels . . . nice. Y'know? Relaxing. And who knows? Maybe I'm also stimulating collagen production??? (There is also an interchangeable "under eye press" stone. In case you want to reduce your under eye baggage.)


For far less than the price of a Before Times facial, I picked up a few surprisingly high-quality, at-home facial tools . . . delivered right to my door. 
They make facials-at-home a little more fun.
A little more special.
A treat!

A total . . . simple pleasure . . . in a time when simple pleasures are most welcome!


Have you discovered/incorporated any simple pleasures into your stay-at-home life?