Under the Surface

My one little word for 2021 is . . . 


Root . . . 

started bubbling up, rising to the surface in my subconscious mind sometime in the fall. Or, at least, that's when I noticed it kind of hovering there. On the edge of my thoughts. I think it popped up as a response to one of my favorite flow-quotes from last year . . . 

"I am rooted, but I flow."
        --- Virginia Woolf

I started thinking about that quote. A lot. What does it mean . . . to be rooted? And what roots ME?

There is a lot of appeal for me right now . . . after a year of such rapid upheaval, of uncertainty, of constantly adapting, of flowing . . . to think about stability. About feeling settled. Grounded. Healthy. Rooted.

So my one little word journey this year . . . is going underground!

It's time to dig deep.
Get my hands dirty.

C'mon along.