Project Spectrum

Cool and Green and Shady


As Project Spectrum moves into its second month. . . June will be brought to you by the color GREEN!


You know, I don't have a "favorite color."  In fact, I've always been a bit stymied by that question.  How can you choose just one?  (Oh, sure.  I did go through an intense Purple period back when I was about 10 or 11.  But didn't everyone?)  I like color.  Pretty much all color.  I like mixing and matching colors and working out interesting color combinations.  In the right circumstances, any color can be pleasing.  I can't pick just one as my "favorite."

I think that's why I like Project Spectrum.  It includes lots of color . . . and I can focus on just one at a time. . . for a month at a time.

So, for June. . . it's GREEN.












I'm really looking forward to playing with GREEN this month.

(With the exception of the first photo in this post, the green scenes are all from my Memorial Day weekend at our cottage.  Lots of green up there.  Lots.)


Thank you so much for your wonderful comments regarding my blogiversary and Erin's move.  You are all wonderful -- and I'm so happy to have met you all through my blog adventure.   :-)

The Salad Bowl - and a little bonus, too!


Our CSA started deliveries two weeks ago. 


A bit meager to start with. . . it's been a tough spring all around . . . but oh-so-tasty!  Just a hint, really, of what's to come as the season unfolds.  And perfect for a salad!  Which brings me to this week's Ten on Tuesday topic: Ten Things to Put in a Salad.

I love a good salad -- and I love to experiment.  Here are my favorite ingredients (although. . . not all at once, mind you!):

  1. Greens -- Arugula, Spinach, Spring Greens, and Romaine Lettuce are my favorites
  2. Dried Michigan Cherries
  3. Grapes (cut in half)
  4. Toasted Nuts (especially pecans, but walnuts are also tasty)
  5. Feta Cheese
  6. Sunflower Seeds
  7. Beets
  8. Mandarin Oranges
  9. Raisins
  10. Cherry Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Peppers, Radishes, and any other fresh garden produce!

Mmmmmm!  I can hardly wait to pick up this week's CSA share this afternoon!  I'm certain there will be a good salad involved.



And, in honor of today - our last day to celebrate RED in Project Spectrum - I want to share with you my favorite RED bloom of my garden . . . opening up just yesterday!


My Scarlet RED Clematis Rebecca!  So lovely. . . and such a perfect way to end the month-long celebration of RED!

Guess Whoooo's Sewing?


Well.  Me!


I used to sew all the time.  Clothes.  Curtains.  Bags.  Little crafty things.  I have a beautiful sewing table (that my Dad custom made for me), a lovely "sewing room" (which doubles as a "knitting room"), and a great sewing machine.  I'm set up for sewing.  But I just don't do it much anymore.

I've decided to let Project Spectrum inspire me to sit down at the sewing machine again!

I visited my favorite local fabric store earlier this month, and found some wonderful red fabric -- and an irresistible, aDORable little pattern for owl potholders.  Color me . . . inspired!

The owls go together quite easily, thanks to fusible web.


It's fun to play with color as you build the owls.


The inner layer is an insulated batting product called "Insul-Bright" -- so these potholders are completely functional and can be used to pick up any hot pot or cookie sheet.


The pattern is adorable.  But not detailed.  It says things like "bind all edges with bias tape."  It does not give you any hints, tips, or suggestions.  And you do have to make your own bias tape (but, again, it doesn't tell you how).  I've sewn a lot (and I know how to make bias tape) -- but if you haven't, this might not be the pattern for you!


This adorable little flock of owls will be going with Erin next week when she moves to Pittsburgh.  (She loves owls -- and her kitchen "decor" is red.)


These little guys were so much fun to make.  You can be sure that more of them will be flying out of my sewing machine soon.

Garden With Passion


Red means STOP.  Except. . . not in the garden.  In the garden, red is exciting; passionate; alive; fiery.


I like to use red in my own garden.  Nothing adds a color-punch like red!


This week, I'm working on a couple of garden design projects and doing a lot of looking-at-garden-books for inspiration.    What keeps drawing my eye?  Red!

And not just red flowers. . .


and foliage. . .


but the use of red in hardscape. . .


and furniture. . .

These stairs?  Oh, my!  I am completely charmed!


Red just opens up the possibilities in gardening! 


Red.  Garden with Passion!

(NOTE:  The first two photographs are of my own garden.  The poppy, the foliage, and the garden furniture photos are scanned from the book "Fearless Color Gardens" by Keeyla Meadows.  The wall, the stairs, and the hanging geraniums are scanned from the book "Backyard Blueprints" by David Stevens.)


Color Me . . . Red!

Project Spectrum 5 has begun!  (Click here for more information.)  Each month, PS participants will focus on a different color, expressing their reflections through, well, any "medium" they choose.

First up. . . Red!


Red always reminds me of hearts, love, Valentines.  When offered a candy, I always, always choose the red ones.  My favorite fruits (cherries, apples) are red.  I love red toenails. . . and red lipstick.  I plant a lot of red blooms in my garden.  The walls in my guest room are bright red.  My front door is red.  I love the way red POPS out and grabs your attention!

To celebrate Project Spectrum, I have a special yarn-y project I'm working on.  I'm not ready to show it quite yet, but I'll give you a couple of hints.  First, it doesn't involve knitting; and second, it covers the "spectrum."

To celebrate Red, I have a little sewing project nearly ready to go.


I also made strawberry shortcake* for dessert.


It'll be fun to see how Red POPS out to grab my attention this month.


*The tasty treat wasn't really to celebrate Project Spectrum.  It was to celebrate the successful completion of Brian's first year of college.  Welcome home, Bud!  (Strawberry shortcake is his favorite!)