Out My Window

Out My Window

The window frame is not that important. What is important is the light that comes through the window.
                –Eckhart Tolle


Magic happens . . . out your windows.
Make sure to take a peek!


Here's to a good week for all of us. Happy Monday.

Out My Window

Tonight is the winter solstice . . . the longest night of the year.

IMG_7258 2

When I look out my windows during the day, the scenery is pretty bleak.
There is no snow to speak of.
The garden is dormant. 

But at night, out my windows, I get this . . . 


My lights . . . are doubled! Those lights on the right - through the patio door? It looks like there's a tree outside, but that's just a reflection of the birch tree inside.


It happens all over in my house. Reflections of my inside lights . . . out my windows!

I call it my solstice bonus.
And it's very welcome right now.


Today is also this guy's birthday . . . 

IMG_6702 (1)

Happy Birthday, Tom! 
Here's to a year filled with all the things you like best! (Me, included.)

Out My Window

"Throw open your window and let the scenery of clouds and sky enter your room."
                -- Yosa Buson

I am very fortunate to have wonderful, big windows in my house . . . along with some pretty great views. (It helps to live on a hill.) (And to be a gardener, too, I suppose.) I thought it might be fun to share my views with you once in a while.


Last Friday, as the sun was coming up, I could see some remaining fall colors in my little "grove" of trees (there is a little, glowing serviceberry peeking out on the left, then the now-nearly-bare larch, and then the red-bronze dogwood on the right). A storm was due to come in, so I wanted to capture what might have been the last of the color . . . out my window.

Meanwhile, this is what that sunrise looked like from the other side of my house - looking west, out my front windows.


That glow gets me every time!

And here's something new this year. . . 


That fabulous orange tree? It's an oak tree. And never in my years of looking out this window has it turned orange! It's one of those oaks that holds on to its tough brown leaves all winter long. . . usually. But in this very strange color season, its leaves have turned a brilliant orange -- and I can see them out my window.

Then the storm came through . . . 


And I got this view out my window . . . 


Here's to a great week for all of us!
Don't forget to take in the view . . . out your window.