Just a Riff

Be Careful What You Wish For: A Riff


  • We're enjoying a really weird weather pattern here in Michigan.
  • It's warm.
  • Like. . . really warm.
  • We've had temperatures in the 70s and 80s (F) for a couple of weeks, now.  A few rain storms here and there, but, for the most part, warm and sunny and beautiful.
  • Sometimes, we'll have a crazy-warm day (or maybe two in a row) during March and April.  But, for the most part, nothing sustained.
  • Not like this.


  • So. . . the weather is gorgeous.
  • What am I complaining about?
  • I'm trying not to freak out.  But.


  • My Star Magnolia (above; as photographed yesterday morning) is about to bloom.  Now.  In the middle of March.  This is the same tree that appeared in Brian's prom photos (way back).  In early May.
  • My forsythia are blooming. Already.
  • My daffodils are finished.  Finished.  In mid-March.


  • Trees and shrubs are budding - and leafing out.  There is spring green everywhere you look.  I have allium and tulips coming up. 
  • According to the MSU Extension office, everything horticulture-related is about 6-8 weeks ahead of "normal."
  • I hate to complain.
  • But this is unnerving.


  • Folks are out and about in shorts and tank tops and flip-flops.  You'd think we were a spring break destination or something.
  • And the weather forecast. . . looks like more of the same!  (At least for another week.)
  • Is this a problem?  I don't know.  But I'm sort of thinking it might be.


  • Like I said, I'm trying not to freak out.  But I feel like I'm already way behind in my garden.  I've moved from "having the itch" to get out there. . . to not having the time to "get out there."
  • Because my life isn't structured to actually have garden-time in March.  Or April.  I'm busy with other commiments.  And besides, I don't trust this weather. Really.
  • And I'm not ready to lug out all my warm-weather clothes yet, either.
  • Not.  Quite.  Yet.
  • I know I wished for spring.  But this is a bit too much. . . a bit too early!
  • I feel like I have suddenly been moved to a whole 'nother climate zone.
  • Or something!
  • One thing for sure, though . . . it's time for a pedicure.


And. . . drum roll. . . congratulations to Amy!  She made the 5,000th comment on my blog last Tuesday!  A little prize package is on the way to her.  And thanks to all of you for your comments.  I appreciate your taking the time to step and out and say something here on my blog.  I love you all!