One Little Word: Intention

Creating Space

As I begin putting my plans and goals together for the year ahead, one thing that keeps bubbling up is . . . 

More doing.  Less thinking about it.

This can apply to lots of things in my life.  Because I am a bit of a day-dreamer.  I like to think about and plan and consider . . . sometimes so much that I actually run out of time for the doing!

And sometimes when I'm ready to start the doing, I can't.  Because my space for the doing is in such a state of, well . . . unreadiness . . . that I need to get over that hurdle before I can begin.  Really.  This is how it works for me.

Take my "art room" -- which is Brian's old bedroom, now luxuriously converted to my dedicated art space.


It's wonderful space to have.  But it tends to fill quickly . . . 

with glitter supplies from my glitter-balls project at the holidays
and glass discs from another holiday project
and sketch books
and drawing supplies
and painting supplies
and bits and bobs that have inspired me in some way
and random pieces of this or that that I might be able to use in some way

And when life gets busy, I don't take the time to Just. Put. Things. Away.

And that means that before I want to do ANYTHING related to drawing or sketching or painting or . . . even more glitter, I need to dig out and put away and create space.

(This happens in my sewing space, too.)

(Is it just me?  Or does this happen to you sometimes, too?)

Anyway.  This is my year of Intention.  My year to do what I set out to do.  On purpose.  Deliberately.  And that means creating (and maintaining) the space to DO.

I spent the weekend clearing out and organizing my art room.  



I am ready for the DOING now.


(And NEXT . . . I'll tackle my sewing space.)