A Close One

Last Sunday, as I was heading back into my driveway after a run, I could see a hot air balloon way off in the distance.


I could tell it was one of two particular balloons that frequently fly the skies over my neighborhood.

And I went inside to get some water.

Then, I could hear the whooooosh of the balloon, so I knew it was getting closer.  I grabbed my phone and went outside.


It was moving fast!






And even closer.


Until it was right over my head.


So close that I was conversing with the people IN the balloon!  (They were much amused with my picture-taking and Jenny's wild barking.)

I feared for my trees.  And my roof.


But they sailed right on by.

That was fun!

On the Playground

You know what's fun? 


Nature is fun.  In fact . . .


In my garden, I have a bee house.  (This very one, if you'd like to order one of your own.  And read this to find out why you might want to have one.)


(This is actually my third bee house.  They don't last forever. . .)

It is awesome fun to watch the bee-action in and out of my bee house.

Check this out.


Fun, non?



Not Always Equal

I'm discovering that not all days are equal . . . when it comes to fun.

Some days, for example, are full of fun.

Heavenly coffee made by your personal barista in your own kitchen on Friday. . .


AND A date . . . complete with excellent beer and awesome live music . . .


Followed by Art in the Park on Saturday . . . with your Mom (and fresh-squeezed lemonade) . . .


and ice cream after new-car browsing . . .


Plenty of fun. 


Other days . . . not so much.

Some days, you see, are just full of Not Fun.  Like Sunday:  Errands.  Laundry.  Running.  Grocery shopping.  Catching up on work.  Dealing with Internet FAIL.

Some days you have to look harder for Fun.

But it's there.


Purple toes = FUN.


That'll do.


Remember learning about Venn diagrams back in elementary school?  I used to love playing around with them then  -- partly because they made math seem . . . not so much like math!  But I also thought it was interesting to see where seemingly odd things . . . actually come together and share attributes.

Take these two things, for example:


Beer - brewing


Where do they intersect?

Why . . . HOPS!  (Of course.)

Tom and I are very supportive of each other's hobbies.  He has no problem with my yarn stash, for example.  And he is very good at photographing my finished knitting projects.  I help him look for fibers and fly-tying materials -- and I don't mind when he does the "tank test" on new fly patterns right there in our bathtub.  I experiment with my cooking.  He cleans up.  I garden.  He digs.  He makes beer.  I drink it. 

But we found our hobbies overlapping this year, when we decided to plant hops!


Earlier this summer, I found two golden hops plants.  We found and ordered a new wire arbor, decided on a good location, and planted both arbor AND hops.


(You'll have to click to embiggen ... then you can actually SEE the arbor...)

Now, we both delight in running out to see how much the hops have grown each day.


Because GROW they do!

Before you know it, our new arbor will be covered in hops.

So, it's easy to see where gardening and beer-brewing intersect . . .


right there under the hops-arbor!


As for FUN today . . . check out my gardening gloves!


These are great gardening gloves -- lightweight, comfortable, durable, washable - with fingers and palms coated in nitrile. 

And . . . I smile every time I put them on.  Because FUN!


Want to make a Venn diagram of your own?  Interactive link here.




A Month of Fundays

Okay.  So earlier this week I was in a long-ish line at the grocery.  I grabbed a magazine to thumb through while I waited.

This headline immediately caught my eye.


A Month of Fundays.

Right there on page 114.


I loved it!

I bought the magazine.

And then, when I got home, I was horribly disappointed to find out that when I turned to page 114, A Month of Fundays . . . was a beauty calendar!


Yes.  This magazine's idea of a Month of Fundays amounted to suggestions of various beauty products or beauty regimens to try . . . every day of the month.

Not what I was expecting.  Not what I am interested in.

But, still. . . I was inspired.

A Month of Fundays.

Maybe it was the fact that it's felt more like fall than summer around here lately.  Maybe it's just that the summer is speeding along much more quickly than I'd really like it to.  Maybe I'm just ready for some FUN in my life.  But this notion of a Month of Fundays really appealed to me.

I kept thinking about it.

I was inspired by it.

So I'm going to give myself a Month of Fundays.  Not a big deal.  No rules.  No expectations.  I'm just going to look around me . . . for FUN.  Maybe I'll do fun things.  Maybe I'll read fun stories.  Maybe I'll plant something fun in my garden.  Maybe I'll make something fun.  Maybe I'll just . . . notice . . . FUN things.

I'm not really sure what will come of this.  But I'm declaring August my Month of Fundays!

Today, my bit of fun is this . . .


A new pair of cheaters . . . with purple edges.  Mostly only noticeable in certain lights or at certain angles.  But when the light shines just right . . . they are Very FUN Glasses!