Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday

Five years ago . . . at right this very moment . . . my sister and I were in London!

London trip 059_2
Visiting Buckingham Palace on a rainy morning.

It's amazing to look back and realize . . . it's already been five years since our first Big Travel Adventure together.

London trip 378
The Tower Bridge . . . as viewed from the Tower of London.

We really didn't realize, then, what we'd started with our trip to London.  At the time, we thought this was kind of a once-in-a-lifetime trip -- something to celebrate my survival and do something we'd always wanted to do, but never thought we'd actually do!

Little did we know . . .

London trip 629
Trafalgar Square.

how much fun we'd have.  Or that the Travel Bug would bite us quite so hard!

London trip 539
Big Ben!

There's no stopping us now. . .