Such Distractions!


Some days I wonder how I functioned without the Internet.  No blogs.  No YouTube.  No Wikipedia.  No Google Earth.  No Ravelry.  No Facebook.   No LOLCats.  What did I DO with my time?

This week, Ten on Tuesday has us exploring our Ten Favorite Non-Knitting Blogs.  This is a dangerous topic, folks.  Because I'm pretty sure I'm going to be tempted by whatever the rest of you post.  And, trust me. . . I really don't need any more distractions!

When I'm not reading knitting blogs. . . or checking in on Ravelry. . . or Facebook. . . or playing around with aerial views of the Nile River. . . or looking up old commercials from my youth ("ancient Chinese secret, huh?") I do check out some other blogs and sites quite regularly.  Here are are a few of my favorites:

Screen shot 2011-02-14 at 9.02.59 PM

  1. Tom & Lorenzo: Fabulous & Opinionated -- I won't let a day go by without checking out what T'Lo has to say . . . about fashion, television, and the red carpet.  Whether it's a critique of the designers on Project Runway, a detailed analysis of the fashion on Mad Men, or a hilarious re-cap of figure skating costumes, I can count on T'Lo to make me smile.  Witty and fun . . . with pretty pictures, too!
  2. The Oatmeal -- Nothing like a good comic to make your day!
  3. Whole Living Daily: Body + Soul in Balance -- Okay.  It's Martha Stewart.  But this site includes some great tips, recipes, and ideas.
  4. Cook's Illustrated -- Best. Cooking. Site. Ever.
  5. Cooking Light -- Another great cooking site.
  6. Everyday Food Blog -- And another great cooking site. (I get really distracted by recipes.)
  7. Fail Blog -- Because every day needs a little fun. . .
  8. PlantJotter -- Not really a blog.  At all.  But it's a great way to organize your gardening information (like. . . Ravelry without the yarn).
  9. The Morning News -- It's black and white and read all over.
  10. Pinterest -- I try to avoid this one, because the potential for distraction is HUGE!  (But what a concept!)

Check out other Ten on Tuesday posts here. . . and Get Distracted!

Friday Round Up: Catch-as-Catch-Can Edition

Well.  It's been a busy week.  Time for a Friday Round Up. . . catch-as-catch can!


My garden is winding down for the season.  I think it's lovely at this time of year -- although quite hit-and-miss.  My roses are blooming their little hearts out right now.  I think they know it's their last blast!


We may even get a frost this weekend.  Kind of early. . . but, then, the weather has been a bit crazy all season!


I really love the structure . . .


of a garden winding down . . .


for the season!


I haven't done a "purchase of the week" post in a long time.  But, clearly, I've been busy "purchasing."  I got this in the mail this week. . .


Oh, brother!  I've got "gold member status" at Eddie Bauer.  What does that mean, exactly?  Well.  It means I've spent way too much time and money shopping there.  (It's not a credit card; just a frequent buyer card.)  This makes me feel a little silly, actually.  And sort of . . . creeped out. . . by the fact that they track my shopping.  (I'm not naive . . . I just would prefer to live in the illusion that my life is my own!)


I know that patterned rubber boots are popular these days . . . but I had No Idea what an absolute RAGE they are on the college fashion scene until last weekend at The Pull.  There were so many (so VERY many) girls running around in boots . . .


that even Tom (who is, trust me, typically blind to fashion!) noticed!  They were EVERYwhere!


And speaking of fashion . . . how about that Mondo?


Way to work a color combo . . . not to mention stepping away from your own edge!



Tomorrow - October 2 - is Livestrong Day.


Check the Livestrong website for information, resources, and support.  If you - or someone you know - is dealing with cancer, be sure to check out the Livestrong Guidebook.  You can order this great tool for FREE.  The guidebook (two volumes) provides solid, pertinent information designed to help cancer patients and their families navigate the health care system and understand what's going on at every phase of the journey -- from diagnosis to survivorship.  Also included -- organizational tools and journaling guides.  Live. Strong.


In knitting news. . . well, there really isn't any.  I've been knitting on a secret project -- a Christmas gift for someone who reads this blog regularly, so. . . Do Not Open 'til Christmas. . . totally applies!

But. . . you might be interested in learning that . . . Twist Collective patterns are NOT test knit . . . and tend to be fraught with errata.  Hmmmmmm.  I'm feeling a rant coming on.  But not today.  Because . . .

it's the weekend!  Have a good one!