Asking Questions

Another Week of Questions: Friday

This week, I'm asking you questions.


Today's question is . .  just for fun.

It's a fall "this is or that." If you have an Instagram account, you've no doubt seen these sort of things pop up in your feed. Someone posts a "this or that" list. You're encouraged to take a screen shot of the list, edit to choose your responses, and then repost on Instagram with a tag. I always think they look fun, but I never take the time to do them. 

So here's today's "question" . . . 

IMG_6422 3

Instead of screenshotting or uploading . . . just copy the following, paste it into the comment field, and indicate your answers. (I've tried it myself and it seems to work.) (Yes. It's kind of awkward? But maybe fun anyway?)

Candles or Fairy Lights
Tea or Spiced Cider
Caramel Apple or Pumpkin Pie
Sweaters or Flannel
Leggings or Sweat Pants
Boots or Uggs
Scary Movie or Haunted House
Pumpkin Patch or Apple Orchard
PSL or Chai
Scarves or Cozy Socks

As for me . . . 

IMG_6422 2

This. Or That.
I can't wait to see what YOU choose.


Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my questions this week! I've loved reading the stories and thoughts and memories you've shared.
Happy Friday -- and enjoy your weekend.

Another Week of Questions: Thursday

This week, I'm asking you questions!


Today's question is about . . . your Halloween memories.

When you were a kid, what do you remember most about Halloween? What kind of costumes did you wear for Halloween? How is Halloween different now . . . than it was when you were a kid?

Halloween 1961

As for me . . . Halloween was an exciting day for me, as a kid. But it was much different than it is now! Much more low-key . . . Our costumes were thrown together at the last moment from whatever we happened to have lying around the house. We did have school Halloween parties, but costumes weren't part of it at my school. And Halloween decorations were more likely to be of the cardboard variety. (We did have a big, jointed, cardboard skeleton I particularly enjoyed "posing" to tape into our living room window.) The photo above (I'm the bunny, by the way, age 2 1/2 and already bossing my younger cousins around . . .) is the ONLY photo of me in a Halloween costume in my collection of family photos! Halloween wasn't such a big deal, and my costumes were nothing to write home about. Times, they do change . . . 

How about YOU?
I'm curious about your Halloween memories!

Another Week of Questions: Wednesday

This week, I'm asking you questions!


Today's question is about . . . arts and crafts.

If you were unconcerned about resources (time, money, equipment, geography) and skill (perceived or otherwise), what arts or crafts activity would you be interested in learning or undertaking?

As for me? Oh, there are so many! (Dyeing. Weaving. Jewelry making. Art quilting. Pattern design.) But the one I'd really like to try?


How about YOU?
What would you like to try?

Another Week of Questions: Tuesday

This week, I'm asking you questions!


Today's question . . . is about dreams.

Do you wake up remembering your dreams? Are they vivid - or do they fade away? And . . . do you have any recurring dreams?

As for me . . . I'm afraid I'm not much of a dreamer. Or, maybe it's that I am not much of a rememberer when it comes to my dreams. I'm rarely aware of dreaming, and if I do have a glimmer of something, it generally fades before I've even grabbed my first cup of coffee. There are times, though, when my dreaming wakes me up . . . and it always seems to be the a dream with the same sort of theme: Frustration. In these dreams, it seems I'm always trying to get ready to go somewhere or do something with a specific time element (a job, a trip, some sort of engagement, on my way to pick someone up, etc.), but situations keep unfolding that prevent me from making any forward progress. No matter what I do, in my dream I can't make any headway! My clothes won't fit and then I get lost in my own house or I lose my keys and forget my passport and can't find a gas station . . . just endless annoyances. And it goes on and on and on and I get more and more frustrated in my dream . . . until I wake up. And then I'm always flooded with relief that it wasn't a real situation and I really DO know where my passport is!

How about YOU?
I'm curious to hear about your dreams!

Another Week of Questions: Monday

Last July, I tried something different . . . and it turned out to be pretty fun . . . so I'm going to do it again! 

Every day this week, I'm going to ask YOU a question.
(You can answer in the comments.)


Today's question . . . is about keeping track of yourself.

Do you track anything . . . habits, intentions, or the like? And if you do, what kind of system do you use?

I track . . . all kinds of things. Mostly, I just jot things down in my daily planner (which is very loosely based on a bullet journal, but not nearly that "system-y"). I track fitness plans and dinner menus, blog post ideas and moon cycles, medications, that kind of thing.

But I also track . . . whether I'm on track.

You see, several years ago, when my one-little-word for the year was balance, I figured out that there are five things I need every day to maintain my personal equilibrium. These five things are: Meditation, movement, time to reflect (journaling), time outside (weather be damned), and some sort of creative activity. Ever since I figured out my "five things," I've tracked them in my planner. 


This basic and simple tracker . . . works for me. I know there are a million different ways to track personal habits and intentions of this nature -- from more formal bullet journaling to downloadable checklists to highly specialized apps. As for me, I just prefer a good old-fashioned paper-and-pencil checklist. I just like being able to "see" that I'm doing okay . . . or that I'm headed for trouble - balance-wise - with a quick glance at my "tracker." If there are too many blank spots or inconsistencies, I can course-correct. Or batten down the hatches.

(Besides, I really like filling in those little grid squares!)

How about YOU?
Do you keep track of yourself?
And what system do you use to keep track of it?

I can't wait to hear your stories!


Be sure to check back tomorrow . . . for a new question.


Friday Question

This week, I'm asking you questions!


Today's question . . . is about playing favorites.

Let's say you can only choose ONE. What is your favorite flower?

IMG_4994 2

As for me, it's the humble daisy! I've always loved daisies, ever since I was a little girl. They were one of the first flowers I could accurately identify and name (the other being tulips), and every garden I'll ever grow will have at least a clump or two of daisies.

Here's a sweet daisy story for you. . . 

Back in 1981, I lived in Fort Collins, Colorado with Tom, my then-boyfriend, who was in grad school at Colorado State University. I had graduated from college with a degree in Elementary Education, but didn't have a teaching job. So I worked at the local newspaper. (I was the newspaper "dummier." It was a stressful job, but kinda fun, too. Back in the day, nothing was digitized - and there were very few computers at the newspaper yet, so I "dummied" with graph paper and a pencil each day . . . solving the layout puzzle and negotiating between advertising and editorial . . . and working closely with typesetting and "the press guys.")

Anyway. One day, I looked up from my desk in the big, wide-open newspaper office and saw a flower delivery guy bringing in flowers . . . loads of flowers. In fact, some of the people who worked in classified ads were helping to carry the massive amounts of flowers coming in . . . 

To me.

They were all daisies.
Loads and loads of daisies!
Along with this card . . . 


Yep. It was Tom's proposal! He had gone in to a flower shop, knowing I loved daisies and intending to order a little bouquet for me of only daisies - to be delivered to me with his card. But . . . daisies are cheap. And in order to "qualify" for a delivery, he had to order MANY daisies. ALL the daisies, in fact. So he did! So many daisies that I needed to share them -- making a little bouquet of daisies for every desk in the newspaper office. With still plenty left over for me.

(I said yes, of course!)

So you'll always find daisies in my garden.
(And now you know why.)


I can't wait to hear about your favorite flower!

Thanks so much for playing along with me this week as I . . . ask questions. It's been so much fun to read your responses that, well . . . we're going to have to try it again another week.

Enjoy your weekend, and I'll see you on Monday.



Thursday Question

This week, I'm asking you questions!


Today's question . . . is about magical thinking.

Let's pretend . . . you've just been awarded one million dollars! You've been instructed that you MUST spend every penny on yourself within one year (you're not allowed to invest or save it, or give it away). What are three things (it is Thursday, after all) you'd do with it?

As for me, I'd . . . 

1 - Hire a general contractor and re-do my entire house and cabin up north . . . all to my dream-house specifications.

2 - Take a luxury trip around the world (with maybe an extended stay in Tuscany while they're re-doing my house).

3 - Build a backyard sauna.

How about YOU?
I can't wait to hear how you'd spend your magical million!


(And if you have any questions you'd like me to answer in a future blog post . . . well. Go ahead. Ask!)


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Wednesday Question

This week, I'm asking you questions!


Today's question . . . is about making things.

When did you learn to knit (or crochet or weave or embroider or sew)? How old were you . . . and who taught you? And what was the first thing you made?

As for me, I learned to knit when I was 8. My mom taught me. At the time, she was busy knitting ripple afghans in popular-at-the-time 1960s-era colors (mostly harvest golds and avocado greens . . . with some orange shades thrown in for "mod" fun) and I was intrigued by the whole business. My mom used very long, straight knitting needles for her work, and she had the most amazing knitting "bag" to carry/hold her supplies: It was a cylindrical case with holes (maybe just one?) in the top for the yarn to come through as she knit. My mom cast on for me, taught me the basics of garter stitch, gave me her leftover yarn, and . . . I was off! My first project was intended to be a simple, garter stitch scarf. Striped. But it ended up being a blanket for my doll bed . . . because I grew bored and my knitting was slow! But I was hooked -- a knitter for life.

How about YOU?
I can't wait to hear your stories.


(And if you have any questions you'd like me to answer in a future blog post . . . well. Go ahead. Ask!)


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Tuesday Question

This week, I'm asking you questions!


Today's question . . . is about friendship. 

Who, that you still keep in touch with, is your oldest friend?
(The emphasis here is on the words that you still keep in touch with.)

As for me . . . well, I can only stretch back to my college days for my oldest friend that I still keep in touch with! It's my friend, Beth. We first met at a panhellenic event early in our freshman year (we were each pledge class presidents for our respective sororities -- she was a Pi Phi and I was a Tri Delt). We were both elementary education majors, and had a lot of classes together . . . and we just generally hit it off. After college, we lived in nearby towns in Colorado (for a few years; before Tom and I were off to Texas, and she and her husband headed back to Wyoming). We were in each others' weddings. We vacationed in Mexico together. We were pregnant at the same time. For a few years she lived in Wyoming again, and we could visit when Tom and I went back to see family. Now, she and her husband live in Idaho, and we haven't seen each other in years. But we still stay in touch -- with good old fashioned letters!

How about YOU?
I can't wait to hear your stories!


(And if you have any questions you'd like me to answer in a future blog post . . . well. Go ahead. Ask!)



A Week Filled With . . . Questions

A while ago now . . . Carole invited her blog readers to ask her questions. Any questions. About anything. And, then, at some point in the future, she'd answer those questions in blog posts. I thought this was a brilliant idea! (And fun, too! It's always fun to hear stories.)

I thought I might follow Carole and do something similar.
Only . . . in reverse!

This week, I'm going to ask YOU questions.
You can answer in the comments.


Here's my Monday Question (which is really a series of related questions):

Happiness "guru" and author/podcaster Gretchen Rubin (who I have a rather love/hate relationship with, but will reserve that story for another day) has developed a framework for helping us understand ourselves (and others) better. Her Four Tendencies framework (complete with a quiz) is designed to help us achieve our goals and do the things we want to do in our lives by getting a handle on how we respond to expectations. 

Have you heard of Gretchen's Four Tendencies framework?
Have you taken the quiz?
What is your tendency?
And does that seem . . . right . . . to you?


As for me. . . well, I'm always interested in learning more about myself, so I think Gretchen's Four Tendenices framework is fascinating! I've taken the quiz, and I've read her Four Tendencies book, as well. Turns out I'm a Questioner . . . who "tips" Rebel sometimes. People who know me pretty well in real life think this is an accruate description of how I operate . . . and it feels right to me, too. I really don't like to do anything I haven't already decided to do, but if I decide to do something . . . I will do it. (But I probably won't do what you tell me to do.) (Or if I must do what you tell me to do, I'll probably make up my own rules for it.) 

How about YOU?
I'd love to hear about your experiences and what you think!


(And if you have any questions you'd like me to answer in a future blog post . . . well. Go ahead. Ask!)