Brief Interlude
On Progress and Modifications

The Great Unveiling

Something to celebrate!

A project three years in the making . . . 
And three weeks in the doing . . . 

Is finally complete!




Why did it take so long? Well, I've already explained that the project met up with the pandemic in not-so-great ways -- staffing and scheduling delays, hard-to-get materials, and the doors being lost at sea on various container ships.

Then, once all the pieces were in place and the project started, well . . . our house is tricky. First, we needed to have a lot of the cedar siding replaced or repaired. Once the painters could actually get to work, they had to contend with fussy house details . . . 


Like dentil molding all along the front of the house.

And generally tricky decorative details.


And then . . . there's the "north face" of the house. A daunting space that the painters saved for last.

IMG_0358 2

It's hard to get a photo of this part of the house that can adequately show the perspective. But this side of the house has a walkout basement, and the peak rises about 45 feet up from the ground. And . . . it's situated on a significant slope. I really couldn't watch when they were going up and down those ladders, but Tom assures me it was impressive.

My favorite things?

The new front door . . . 


The new light fixtures . . . 


And having my patio back!


It feels good to have this project completed!
(Next up? Apparently we need a new roof . . . )


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Gorgeous! Bravo to your painting crew! I really LOVE the door and those new lights!

But that new roof need... oof... that does not look like fun for the roofers!


Your house looks lovely and it works so well with your gardens and landscaping! I hope you enjoy the new look and don't have to think about the roof (and expense!) for a little while at least.


Beautiful Kym. Just so lovely. I'm glad you have your patio back and the needed new roof? It's always something!


It looks wonderful and I'm so happy for you that it's finally done! Also, I'm super impressed with the size of those Boston ferns - wowza!!!


Worth the wait!! It looks great, Kym!


Very nice! I hope you enjoy many hours in your beautiful outdoor spaces!

kim in oregon

Wow it looks incredible! Hooray!


It looks spectacular, Kym! Your house has such lovely details, and that patio is especially inviting. It's a shame you can't host us for Read With Us discussion nights!


The house looks great!


That door!!! Beautiful job all around Kym! Enjoy that patio!!


Congratulations, Kym + Tom! Gorgeous. Love the color...the door...fixtures...and FERNS! It all ties together so beautifully with your gardens. So glad you have plenty of summer weeks left to enjoy it. Cheers.


Congratulations on completing such a big project. Your home looks lovely. The door was worth the wait. I hope the roof can wait a bit. Oy - it's always something.


The colour is simply smashing, Kym! Your “details” love their new hue and the patio oasis is so inviting. Ferns seem to slow the heart beat in a good way, don’t they?
Renos are never what we imagine them to be (ours was interrupted by the December ice storm of ‘13 for 4 days just after they disconnected our water and tore apart the kitchen) but in the end it’s a win. Congrats!


Wow, it's all just beautiful! And now all you have to do is just enjoy it.


Looks so good! Congratulations - enjoy it a while before you start thinking about that roof.


When I saw the post title I was wondering if this would be your new blog??!! Still, I'm not disappointed - the house looks fantastic - like it's ready to welcome you for another 20 years at least (ugh about the roof, though)


It all looks wonderful, your house is lovely. I read your 45ft as metres at first and thought that it is a very tall house! I hope you can find someone to fix your roof they are very hard to find round here. Our roof need a repair and we had to wait weeks for it to be fixed, my husband gave up waiting and went up and fixed it himself.. I doubt we will need a completely new roof anytime soon though it is slate which lasts forever, it has been on our house for nearly 100 years


The whole house has such great detail. The front door is perfect and the WINDOWS! The design and patterns in the pains is so classic. Nicely done Kym and Tom and to the painters and other workers, too!!

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