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In my garden - both indoors and out - I tend to do a lot of . . . Face Plants!

IMG_9866 3

Not the kind of face plants where I fall on my face (although . . . that could happen . . . ). I'm talking about planters . . . with faces.


I've always been drawn to face plants, and I have many of them in my garden. I think they're charming and whimsical . . . and it's fun to maintain their "hairstyles" too.


A couple of weeks ago, I added two new face plants to my collectioon. They're pretty tiny, but packed with fun.


It looks like my "thing" with faces might be expanding, though. Because I also added this little creature to my menagerie. . .


I'm always looking for fun in my garden!
How about you? Do you "face plant" in your garden, too?




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I think all your "face plants" are great with their funky green hair, but I especially like that cute turtle pot!


Great containers Kym! I bought my first face plant the other week and also bought an Eyelash Fern to go in it...but I think the fern died.....


I have a few containers with faces, too, and I think they are great! Face plant is the perfect name for them and I'm glad you didn't actually fall . . . which is what I thought might have happened when I saw the title of this post!


How fun to see little people peeping through your plants to keep an eye on things! The whimsey and charm just makes me smile!


I'd love to face plant, as I've always admired Vicki's vintage lady planter that used to appear prominently on her blog. I visited 7 or 8 antique/junk shops last weekend, kind of hoping to find a similar planter, but no luck. I do have a vintage turtle planter that has some succulents in it, but I think I still need some face plants.


I love your faces! The only face I have in my garden right now is the fake owl I got to try to scare away the rats from my composter. And thus far it only seems to have scared my husband and my kid.


So whimsical! I guess I'm pretty Plain Jane in the garden. Or maybe I don't go to the right places. ;)


Such fun! I don't have many pots as they crack and damage in the Winter and I don't have anywhere to store them to protect them from that. I love your pots.


I don't have face plants in my garden but was very tempted to buy this pot at Target this summer. It's so cute! https://www.target.com/p/outdoor-ceramic-family-planter-opalhouse/-/A-84286032#lnk=sametab


I don't face plant but I love your planters. I so enjoy your sense of whimsy. Where do you find all these things?


Such fun! And a question...I've been trying to root my begonia (red one, just like yours that I spot in this post...)--but one stem is just turning to MUSH! And the other one is simply doing nothing. Any advice? I'll try to overwinter the plants in their pots, but they've taken a few beatings during storms and I was hoping to propagate a few of the 'victims'. I'd appreciate a tip, if you have one!


so much fun! I do love the hairstyles on the human(ish) faces and the succulent (I think that is) in the turtle is perfect. as you might imagine, no faces on the pots around here ;-)

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