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On Progress and Modifications

It's been a while since I've checked in with my knitting progress, so here's a bit of an update for you.

News Flash! I'm still working on squares for my blanket. I actually finished the 10 squares called for in the pattern a couple of weeks ago. I laid them all out, and it looked something like this . . . 


(That JoJo. Always thinking I need to have a dog-for-scale in every knitting project photo I take.)

It's a nice little blanket. Small. Good for throwing over your lap on a chilly morning. Or displaying on a chair. It would make a perfect baby blanket.

But something about it makes my eye twitch.
Can you guess what?

It's the patterning of the overall blanket. The rows are arranged to show 3 squares - 2 squares - 3 squares - 2 squares. Which is fine. But from a design standpoint, my eyes expect to see the pattern finish with a row of 3 more squares. (Or start with 2 squares.) It's just . . . off. And I knew it would bug me.

So I decided to see if I could add 1 more row (either a 3-square row or a 2-square row) with the yarn I have. I knew I had plenty of yarn to make the colorful centers; it was the neutral border yarn that I was unsure of. So I got out my trusty scale, and started knitting.


Before starting any extra squares, I "finished" the blanket as designed (as much as possible) first. I added those "half squares" to the 2-square rows, for example. And I seamed the rows together. (That first photo above is after adding the "half squares" and seaming the rows.)  I discovered it takes slightly less of the "border" yarn to knit 3 squares than 2 squares with the "half squares" - which makes sense.

Anyway. After knitting a bit and measuring now and again, I could see that I had enough yarn to add another row of 3 squares. And I wouldn't have to play "yarn chicken" to do it!

IMG_0379 2

Better, non?

I took that photo above over the weekend, before we headed up north for the week. Since then, all squares are complete, and that last row is seamed. I'm putting it away now . . . until the weather calls for holding a whole blanket in my lap at once.

Which I guess means that . . . The Prodigal Son is going away again.
But only for awhile.


How about you? What are making these days?



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I immediately saw what was making you twitchy -- it bothered me, too! I'm glad you had enough to finish another row, because I have a feeling it would have bothered you to finish the blanket with the unbalanced layout. I'll look forward to seeing it complete when it's cool enough for a blanket again!

I'm working on finishing up my Twofer Tank, which should happen this week if I keep up the pace. I am approaching the end of my fourth skein of yarn and only have two more, so even if I use every last bit of yarn, the end is in sight.


I saw what bugged you right away, and I'm glad you were able to resolve it.

I'm also happy anytime there is a JoJo sighting. xo


Yup - I saw it too. It would have bugged me no end. Glad you had enough yarn to make another row of three. And now, Prodigal Son is on a little vacation...he will show up in another month or two, I'm sure!


I like seeing JoJo as dog-for-scale in knitting photos! I'm glad that you could knit another set of three squares and resolve the issue. I do like those colorful squares but don't want to order yarn for a blanket that I don't know if I would ever finish. (Really, I just want to knit something besides the BSJ!)


YES! So much better! I hope you have something else fun to knit while you're up north now that the blanket is packed away.

kim in oregon

DEFINITELY a great choice! Glad you had plenty of yarn.


oh it's looking so good ... and yay! that you already have a start on the finishing!


So twitchy! Even 3-2-2-3 would have worked for me if necessary. Glad you could move forward! What am I making…hmmmmm comments places? ;-) xo


Oh lordy, yes! My eyes started twitching right away. Glad you had enough yarn to make a nice finish. It'll be so cozy.


Whew! That fix is perfect! As will The Prodigal Son be once the fall settles in! XO


Glad you had enough to make the extra three. My first thought, as I was reading was, maybe she can do 2-3-3-2...

Finished my wedding gift knitting. Back to baby sweaters for my daughter's friends.


He'll come out when the weather turns and very quickly he will be on your lap and keeping you warm all winter!


Yes indeed, I could immediately see what was making you uneasy. Quilt blocks are much the same. I do love the colors in this blanket. It's hard to go wrong with Noro yarn. Send that Prodigal Son off for a rest until cooler weather arrives.

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