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Tales From the Garden

Reality bites. 

I'm thrilled that my exterior house "makeover" project is well-underway (at last!), but my-oh-my . . . my garden is taking a serious hit! I knew this would happen. Once you bring in a paint crew and some carpenters and ladders and more ladders and long hoses and power washers and . . . well. Plants are bound to be trampled. Whole hunks of container plants (which I thought had been moved out of the way, but not enough) are gonna break off. I hold my breath and try not to look. . . 

(Also, I just want to say that our painting company? They are the most aware, cautious, and respectful-of-our property painting company I've ever seen. They are absolutely doing the best they can, and I'm pleased with the respect they're giving my garden. Still. Ladders. Lots of ladders.)

So. I'll not share any garden photos with you today.
Let's talk . . . garden fashion instead.


Ever since I completed my 2021 Quest for the Perfect Green Overalls (which I ended up sewing for myself), I have discovered that the VERY BEST thing to wear while gardening . . . is overalls. Comfort. Practicality. Pockets. Seriously, you can't beat 'em. And while I was thinking about making another pair -- hacking them into shorts overalls this time, I found the perfect, ready-made version . . . thanks to my (highly annoying but surprisingly right on the money) Instagram feed. 

These overalls (the ones I'm wearing in my photo) are from Duluth Trading Company (here's a link, and they're on sale right now . . . just sayin). They're lightweight. They have The Best Pockets. The shoulder straps are elastic. And I don't have to unbutton everything (just one shoulder strap) when I need to use the bathroom.


Besides . . . what gardener doesn't want overalls with little gnomes on them, huh?

(And for those of you who don't share my love of quirky gardening gear -- like gnome overalls or "chicken boots" -- they do come in solid colors, too.)


And that's my tale from the garden this week!



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I discovered those perfect Duluth overalls this spring and they've become my uniform. I always used to wear denim ones, but I like this fabric much better, there are more pockets, plus gnomes. I didn't really need them, but since they're on sale, I just ordered two more pairs. Thanks for the heads up!


Just so you know, I've bought several things from Duluth and all have been very durable and long-wearing. I'm sure these overalls will serve you guys well for a long time. Plus: they're adorable!


Any sort of outside work is always scary to a gardener! Years and years ago when we had our deck put on the back of our house one of the workers dropped a giant hammer right into my bleeding heart. It never came back and I was so sad because I had moved that with me from my previous house. I love those overall but, sadly, they are not available in my size.


LOVE these. Echoing others - Duluth products are so good and long lasting (great undies too!!). I may need to think about a pair of these (not the best look for moi, but so what?).


Chicken boots! <3

I love Duluth Trading, too, and there's a store not too far away from me!


I'm not an overall person, but I think your gnome overalls are cute and I really like those chicken boots!


Those overalls are darling! I am seriously tempted (but of course the gnomes are more expensive than the solids).

We went through the same garden disruption/destruction with our roofing project last year. I'm still finding bits of slate around. I guess it's time for you to start planning how you will revitalize the garden when they're done!


Oh my! I believe I am in desperate need of some Gnome Overalls! LOL Those are brilliant Kym!

I am sorry that your so lovely garden is taking a bit of abuse from those pesky ladders! Good thing plants are resilient! XO

kim in oregon

Oh my gosh how cute are those gnome coveralls? So very cute.


Duluth is having a sale? Let me get right over there. Love your overalls. So cute! Not for me, unfortunately, but something else might be. That color really becomes you.


The gnome overalls are so cute. Insects love me and so my gardening gear has become long pants and long sleeved shirts along with some insect repellant I mixed up from witch hazel and essential oils.


We drive past Duluth Trading Company when we go to the North Shore. And my friend's granddaughter works there. But sadly their sizes do not accommodate we Women Of Substance, aka obese.

Gardens spring back (see what I did there?) once the disruption is over. You are such a nurturing person that I have no doubt that you and your garden will recover.

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