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SHIFT: July Check In

"Sometimes all it takes is a tiny shift of perspective to see something in a totally new light."  -- Dan Brown

From time to time I've blogged about negativity bias. Y'know . . . that terribly annoying little tendency we all have . . .where we focus on the negative stuff of our lives more than we do the positive stuff. Silly things people say to us. Unfortunate situations that happen in an ordinary day. Things we didn't get done. Somehow, those naggy little things hang with us so much easier than the good things that happen in our everyday lives.

I've been intentionally working to quell my own Voice of Negativity for a couple of years now. But, boy oh boy. It's hard to do! That negative bias? It's sticky!

This month's OLW prompt from Ali Edwards' OLW team is all about focusing on the little positives of life . . . instead of the negatives. I wrote a bit about it last week, when I shared the "small win" I was celebrating in my art "studio." Well. I actually took it a lot farther than that! I came up with a list of about 20 small wins that I could celebrate this month. Just . . . little things I did that I ordinarily wouldn't give myself a bit of credit for doing.

IMG_0139 3

At first, it was really hard to come up with anything for my list. I couldn't think of one thing! But once I got started (y'know . . . once I shut up my Voice of Negativity -- the voice that kept saying you-wasted-the-whole-month-you-lazy-bum) it got easier. 

And with my WiFi down, I decided to play around with some paper I had, and create a way to capture my small wins in my word journal. 


I don't usually follow Ali's prompts. But this month? It made a lot of sense to me! Thinking about my wins . . . instead of my didn't-dos . . . was just the kind of SHIFT I'm looking for!


As I was going through this process, I realized that EACH of my small wins really represented a shift in my perspective.

  • Instead of chastising myself about not maintaining a strict monthly cleaning schedule, for example, I captured this "small win": I cleaned the bathrooms when I didn't want to.
  • Instead of feeling bad about all the weeds in my garden, I celebrated this instead: Hummingbirds love my flowers.
  • Instead of wishing I'd made more progress on a big project, I celebrated this: I'm asking for help on a big project that is too much for me.

I'm sure you're getting the gist of things.

Focusing on my small wins - and celebrating them - is helping me SHIFT my perspective . . . from a negative bias to a positive one. I think I'm going to try this exercise every month. (Although not with paper craft . . . )

I highly recommend you give it a try, too! Instead of feeling bad about something you didn't do, SHIFT your perspective. And think of a small win you can celebrate instead.


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Wow, do I need to do this! My days have begun to feel like they contain too much negativity so I'm going to make a point to look for the small wins. I'm not yet sure what that process will look like, but I'm going to be looking hard for the small wins!


I love your take on this prompt. I tend toward positivity in a way that makes some people in my family cringe. When it comes to my self image, I easily go dark so I used this prompt to look for self image small wins. It was a very good exercise.


What a great idea!! I don't think I focus on negative things...I think I tend to ignore them or avoid them instead...but I haven't focused on small wins and I'm going to start doing that! Also, I'm a firm believer that small wins add up to a BIG win!


I love, love this post. Feels like one of those monthly prompts that has the potential to morph into a Way of Being. Enjoy those hummingbirds.


I've been keeping a list of small wins all month. I love this prompt and Felicitas! Your paper craft looks terrific and creative.


All.of.this! Oh, Kym. I confess I have a tear or two in my eyes! But despite those tears... I am standing and applauding your shift this month! Well done!

(it was such a great exercise... small things. simple things.)

XO I am so proud of you!


That sounds like a very good idea.


Good idea!


When I started journaling (mostly) daily when the pandemic first started, I also included two lists at the end of each entry: three things I'd accomplished that day and five little moments of joy I'd found that day. At a time when we were stuck at home and didn't know what was going to happen, it was so powerful to know that I'd at least gotten a few things done (even if they were as minor as doing a load of laundry) and that there were some things to be happy about. I've continued this practice, and it's really helpful for my mood to purposefully go looking for the good in the world.


What a cool idea, Kym, thank you! and yay for those wins you celebrated (and for the pretty paper in your journal - I am a sucker for pretty paper!)

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