On Not Starting Any Engines Today
Back to the Basics

Just Over Here . . .

. . . banging my head against a wall.

This blog post is NOT the blog post I had intended for today.

You will also notice there are no photos in this blog post.


Because my blogging platform - Typepad - is a freakin' dinosaur among blogging platforms, that's why. They have not added a new feature or updated anything about their platform in years and years. It's a difficult to live with Typepad these days, especially when there are so many cool options elsewhere. But . . . after blogging in the same place for 13 years, it's hard to move, y'know?

Lately though, it's gotten Really Bad. Horribly bad. Every photo you see in one of my posts? It's been a total crapshoot to see if it will load. It always (always) takes at least 3 VERY SLOW tries to load a photo with Typepad. But often, it takes multiple tries over several hours. Today's post? I've been trying (off and on) since last night to load my photos. And it's been an immensely frustrating No Go every time.

So while I intended for this to be a surprise for later in the summer, I'm going to spill a few beans here today. I'm working on a new-and-improved blog on a new (to me) and fancier platform. I'm close. But not quite there yet. So stay tuned.

My blogging will likely be a bit sporadic over the next couple of weeks. And . . . there may or may not be photos.

But if you hang around, things will be better soon!


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Oh, no! Blogger is also a frustrating platform but after using it for nine years, it will take a lot for me to overcome the inertia to switch. I'm sorry you've had to endure Typepad frustration, but I will look forward to seeing your new and improved blog!


I know this is a big project but hopefully it will get you back to the joy of blogging.


ohmygod. I downloaded all my Typepad "stuff" a year ago (probably more), but there's no way I'll ever have the time/energy to transfer 18+ years of blabbering and make it look nice. I'd have to archive and start over... or quit. (!!!!!)

I wish you luck and can't wait to see!!


Best of luck!! Hope it can be a smooth transition for you. Looking forward to seeing your new space.


Hope your new platform is a good one for you.

What I noticed is that recently your blog takes a LONG time to load and if I am on my phone, I can't leave a comment.

So...................I am reading. I just can't comment sometimes.


I'm pretty happy with Wordpress, I use it for my personal blog and work, too. (That said, I'm having updating issues and I need to work out a time with my IT guy to spiff things up a bit. It's a first world problem but it's SO frustrating!) I hope your solution is one that makes you happy!


Oh no! Platform issues are never, ever fun. I am hoping you have things fixed sooner than later! XO


I've experienced similar frustrations with Blogger, but I keep not wanting to switch to a new platform because of all the time and hassle. I hope the new site works out better for you!


They're all awful, methinks.


And that is such good news for us. xoxo


Best of luck with changing up your blog. I admire your "can do" spirit, especially with technology.


I made the switch after only 3 years--so I can only imagine 13!!! (And I only did it because my platform was going away...so, no choice.) Can't wait to see what youre creating for the next phase! Good luck; I hope the creative process is mostly fun.


ooohhh I'm excited for you - and for us! - with a new platform ... sending ALL the best techie vibes and wishes for lots of patience!


Are you going with WordPress? That is what I switched to ::counts on fingers:: 7 years ago. It is perfect, but it is reliable. Something TypePad was not.T


I read your blog on the Bloglovin’ app and the last few years, the bloggersa’ posts I am subscribed to won’t load or even worse, I get a message that there are no new posts, when I’ve just gotten an email previewing a bunch! (Rolls eyes in frustration) so maybe it’s the originating platforms, not the app?? It shouldn’t be this hard in 2022😄


Please forgive the typo- that’s what happens when one doesn’t hit Preview first!

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