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Just a Slight Inconvenience . . . or Two

There are certain things you just . . . take for granted in life. One of these things is enjoying privacy in your own home. And the other is WiFi. And right now? I've got neither of these things! 

Oh, one of them -- the privacy thing -- is completely my own doing. And kinda funny, besides. Because my house painters? They're busy-busy-busy and swarming the house all day long. It is strange to walk into a 2nd floor room, though, and find . . . someone right there! Hard at work on the other side of the window.

It's not like we walk around naked all the time or anything, but we really do need to be on guard when it comes to painters popping up in our windows. This morning, for example, I decided to forego my usual meditation and yoga routine when I walked into the room and found this . . . 


(That shadow there in the window? That's a painter.)

So having painters around every day kinda . . . cramps my style a bit. Especially in my bedroom -- and in the garden beds near the house. And although they are a very accomodating crew - and would get out of my way if I asked them to - I really don't want to impede their progress to, oh . . . say, lay out my afghan squares on the patio (in the good light) so I can take a photo for my blog, y'know?

So you get this instead. . . 


(JoJo insisted on being part of things.) (And the 10 squares are finished, by the way. I'm currently contemplating adding 3 more to the original design.)

The other thing, though? The WiFi? Now THAT's a problem. 

There is some sort of utility work happening on a nearby street, and on Monday mid-day our WiFi went out. From what I could tell, the outage (which is very localized and doesn't impact many people, although it does impact us) was supposed to last "up to 24 hours." Yesterday, after 27 hours without WiFi, I contacted AT&T and found out that it's some major issue . . . and may take up to 72 hours to fix.

I've figured out how to use my phone as a hotspot, but it's very slow.

And it's all made me realize how very dependent we are on having WiFi!

Want to watch something on TV? You need WiFi.
Compose a document or write a blog post? WiFi.
Watch your latest art tutorial? WiFi.
Work out on the Peloton? WiFi.
Print something? WiFi.
Airdrop a photo? WiFi.
FaceTime? WiFi.

Holy cow. So much of my day-to-day life depends on WiFi! 

It's a good thing I have plenty of books and plenty of offline activities to keep me occupied. In the meantime, color me inconvenienced!

(And I certainly realize very how minor and insignificant these inconveniences are in the overall scheme of the world.) (I'm just whining.) (But most all of us are surprisingly dependent on WiFi in our daily lives these days -- and we really notice that when it's gone. It really is hard to be without it.)


PS. Our Wifi is back up this morning!




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Yay that your Wifi is back. It really is amazing how dependent we are on that. And just for the record, I'd rather have a look at JoJo and your squares than just the squares on the patio!


Woohoo for the return of WiFi!

Now, the important thing... Those quilt squares photobombing Jojo are the best! But that look on Jojo's face... priceless! XO


Sorry for the inconvenience, but glad your wifi is back! And it's really not just a minor inconvenience, as I would imagine that Tom and his work depend on wifi, too. We were without it when our modem died, followed by our router a few days later, and I felt like I was rejoining civilization when I finally got things sorted out. But we got to see JoJo helping and your squares look great. Here's hoping the painters finish up soon!


Living an analog life is so primitive! Glad you're out of the dark ages!


Oh your squares are lovely!

Isn't it weird how you forget so quickly what life before WiFi was like? How easily we get used to things that make life convenient.

Of course, I'm here any time you want to show the sweet pup pictures! Please tell Jojo that her addition to the photo of your squares made both the squares and her look even better. And then please kiss her for me.


When we had our siding project done a few years ago (which also included some new windows and a new front door) I became very aware of our lack of privacy. It seemed like every time I turned around someone was popping up in a window! (And there was one Sunday morning when the bedroom windows were open and . . . we were busted in a truly awkward situation). The WiFi thing is horribly inconvenient. Should it ever happen again (and I hope it doesn't) my recommendation is to high tail it to your public library and borrow a hot spot from them. Problem solved!


It depresses me sometimes how dependent I've gotten on the internet -- and it always seems to have problems the minute my husband (my in-house IT support) leaves the house. I know that there are plenty of things to do to pass the time that aren't related to the internet, but it is kind of important for work, too. On the plus side, those blanket squares are looking really good -- almost as good as JoJo's sweet face!


Whew! I'm glad your WiFi came back on. Yes, it is a little unnerving to realize how much we depend upon it. The blanket squares are gorgeous. They make me want to knit a blanket and I have only knit one in all my years of knitting. The Noro yarn makes such pretty centers.


Sometimes I get an anxious feeling when I think about how much Wi-Fi we use every day. But the painting is getting done and you are reconnected so it seems life will carry on.


I totally freak out when there is no wifi!


I feel you... the recycling truck snagged the cable line to the house a couple of weeks ago. Thankfully, they came to fix it the next day.


well ugh - the internet is very important for so many things! (we lost power one afternoon this week and turns out you need THAT to RUN the internet ... AND the A/C :-)


Hard to say which I like more, JoJo or yours afghan squares!

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