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Garter Stitch is the Answer

There's a scene in one of my favorite movies, Bull Durham, when the Durham Bulls baseball team gathers together on the mound for a bit of a re-group during a game.


What's the problem? Well . . . Nuke's "old man" is in the stands, which makes him nervous. Jose's girlfriend put a curse on his glove and he needs a live chicken to take it off. And no one knows what to get Millie and Jimmy for their upcoming wedding. As Crash tells Manager Larry when he joins them on the mound  . . . "We're dealing with a lot of shit."

That's how I feel right now.
Like I'm dealing with a lot of shit.

Oh, it's nothing big or important or scary. It's just . . . a lot of little things that need dealing with or wrapping up or wrangling. My brain is going in a million directions all the time and I just need things to settle a bit. (And they will. Because Life.)

At times like these, I'm happy for a good old, garter stitch knitting project that doesn't take too much brain-space, y'know?


I'm just cranking out the squares for my Prodigal Son blanket project. (8.3 squares complete; 1.7 squares remaining.) It's nice to have a soothing something-to-work-on with my hands . . . while my brain sorts through the rest of the . . . shit I'm dealing with!


How about you? What are you making (or dealing with) these days?


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Ha, I love that scene! To be honest, anytime I'm watching a baseball game and a group of them gathers on the pitcher's mound, I'm sure they're just discussing all the complications in their lives. I think garter stitch is a wise choice for a moment like this, and I have a feeling you'll be done with those last 1.7 squares in no time.


Those squares are beautiful! I hope joining them is an easy process, but that's something to think about another day. I currently have the bandwidth for washcloths and can't imagine that ending anytime in the near future.


Soothing is the answer, is it not? It calms the spirit most certainly.

There is something very meditative about garter stitch. Freeing, sort of... it lets the mind wander off!



Garter Stitch for the win! I've been enjoying the whole dishcloth thing (though not all garter). Simple and easy...sometimes that's all our brains can take. Hoping your shit settles down soon!


Uh-oh. Only 1.7 squares left. Do you have another garter stitch project up your sleeve?! Or maybe things will settle'ish by a 1.7 square deadline... Sigh.


Garter, or stockinette. Always calming. Peace to you and yours.

kim in oregon

Love those squares! Dealing with soooooooo much!


I've only seen Bull Durham once and I think I need to fix that. I remember that I loved it but not much else. You're going to be done with those squares in no time. I hope the process of joining them together will be as enjoyable as knitting them.


What Carole said!

I haven't knit a stitch in... two weeks? Maybe more? I'm making LISTS! I do have knitting (dishcloths, mostly garter stitch) on one of the lists, though. We'll see.


I'm also doing garter stitch. I do have lots of other projects that take lots of brain power, which I seem to be short on, but they are waiting in time out. I'm knitting a rectangle that I will sew into a clutch purse and felt. Then either needle felt a design, bead and/or embroider. Time will tell. Just going to use my own imagination for a change.


Oh yes that is most definitely my life too, not so much dealing with hard things but just so much to deal with. I have not written a post yet this month, I have just not had the capacity of any post writing.


ooohhh I'm so glad Prodigal Son is getting all that attention. Garter stitch with mitered crosses can be the answer to a lot of problems! and you're so close to having all the squares done ... I'm getting curious about what happens to this project when it's just sewing left to do?


I’m currently avoiding the summer tee I’m knitting because the next step is seaming the shoulders- ugh. The stocking stitch brought me real joy and comfort till this point. So much going on here with moving house two weeks ago that something to distract the brain noise would be perfect right about now.
Your blanket is so pretty already- I can see how the completion of each square would bring a feeling of accomplishment too! Congrats on the stack of blocks, Kym. What’s up next?


Candlesticks! The garter squares are the perfect summer project. While beautiful and (ultimately) useful they are small enough to not add weight/heat to your lap during hot weather.

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