SHIFT: July Check In
Starting Your Engines . . . But Different

Best Of . . . July 2022


Did you see it?

July? Just flying by???

Today is my last July blogging day, so even though it seems July only just arrived, here I am, already recounting the . . . Best of My July.

This has been One Of Those Summers where scheduling concerns continue to keep me from being up north. Tom has gone up quite a lot. But me? Not so much! In all of July, I spent one chunk of days up there. With Brian and Lauren and their pup, Ferda. It was great fun -- and Ferda is finally getting the hang of swimming!


One of the best things of my July . . . is that the exterior work on our house has finally begun. (That's the main reason I haven't been able to head up north this month.) Of course, it looks like work will continue on into August at this point. But, hey. It's going to look great when it's finished. (The story I've been telling myself for three years now. . . ) I'm patient. But I've gone from this . . . 


to this . . . 


I'm really ready to have my patio back. Y'know? (I imagine that will be on my best of August list. Stay tuned.)

I got a haircut in July; my first since winter! It's so different now that I have long hair. I can go months between visits to the salon . . . AND my stylist can cut 3 inches off my hair and I barely notice.

IMG_0151 2

My favorite plant spot has a spring "incentive" program . . . Bonus Bucks. When you buy plants in the spring, you get Bonus Bucks for every dollar you spend. And then - in July - you can come back and cash them in. I love Bonus Bucks! I cashed mine in last week . . . 


And, as I've already mentioned, I set my "studio" back up in July. I've started painting again. (This is an underpainting I'm working on in my sketch book . . .  eventually, it will be a rusty hinge on an old wooden door. If I remember, I'll show you the finished painting someday.)


Mostly, my July has been . . . very ordinary. Filled with hot-but-pleasant summer days and all those things I love about summer. Time in my garden. Ice cream cones. Beer on the patio. Lovely sunsets. 


July . . . heck, the whole summer . . . is so very fleeting. It just flies by, doesn't it?


How about you? What was the best thing about your July?




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I think the wee baby bunnies get on the list for best of. But Genevieve turning 7 (!!) takes the cake!

I love your painting...outside and inside! :)


A quick question... what kind of sketch book is that??? Inquiring painters want to know!


I love that you're painting a rusty hinge! I have an affinity for rusty old pieces of metal, especially if they're still functional. I do hope you'll share the finished painting.

The best thing about my July is ... (I really have to think here) that I'm finally all signed up for Medicare. I started in April/May of this year and just finished officially this week. I expected delays, mistakes, and red tape, and got them, but it's done!


I'm working on a post for Monday to welcome August and in doing that I've been thinking about how fast July went by - as it always does. Your recap of the month is great and I just love your long hair!


Crazy fast!! And so much going on!

The best thing for me? Having my FAMILY all together again for a couple of weeks.


Your hair looks fab and I love the new color on your house. July flew by for moi - best part was having Leslie, Jaimie and Emmy visit (3 generations - fun!) and for August we are looking forward to seeing Colin again (he will be up for a batchelor party later in the month). Happy weekend Kym - enjoy!!


My July accomplishment is healing. The first weeks were agonizing but as time was flying by it took most of that pain with it. I am now finishing the month training Mylo about personal space and dealing with distraction. He is (we are) doing well and learning. July has gone from hell to heaven and I hoping August has only good things in store. Your house looks great and I'm excited for the patio reveal. Your hair is smashing! What a success growing it out has been!


A beautiful weekend in the mountains with an added bonus of welcoming our niece-to-be into the family with a shower.

Hopeful your home update is finished soon! Looking forward to a photo tour.


I had to look on the calendar to figure out why this was the last post of July. WHERE DID IT GO?


July did go by very quickly.

I think the best part for me was several day trips to cute little towns (with RIVERS!).


I don’t know about Michigan but if your weather is like the rest of the country i think this July was the best time to be deprived of your patio! For us even the early mornings and evenings are still steamy and muggy (not to mention mosquito-ridden). Congratulations on a well-timed Reno, Kym. Cooler LATE Septembers must surely follow. At least in the evening. (With global warming nothing is certain). Chloe


Love seeing the pups enjoying the water! July is one of my least-favorite months, if I'm honest. Here it's usually unbearably hot and humid and I'm already noticing the days starting to get shorter (boo). But taking a week off and spending it with my kiddo has been incredibly rejuvenating, in spite of the days I've come home dripping in sweat from my daily exercise. We're starting to get ripe tomatoes and it looks like we might have sunflowers blooming soon. And I have a whole month with my kid around the house still before she goes back to school and our schedule gets busy again.


I'm savoring all the Ordinary these days (and find myself still trying to remember what "ordinary" is?!) and WOW, Kym, your hair is LONG - and so so pretty! I think my favorite thing about July has been seeing so much of Katie and spending those two days with Charlie and Sam. School starts August 8 (!!!) so summer is indeed fleeting here!


July flew by for me, too! The first two weeks doing quarterly/semi-annual financial reports, the second half with Andrew and Amanda here. Now I need to buckle down on some tasks...

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