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Back to the Basics

Okay. So at some point late in the day yesterday, I was able to load the photos I wanted to include in my post . . . that was supposed to appear yesterday. Here it is. A day late! (Thanks, Typepad.)


Yesterday A couple of days ago, I felt like making something . . . quick.
I wanted that satisfaction of finishing something.
And I didn't want to think much at all.

So last two evenings ago just before dinner, I grabbed my trusty potholder loom (yeah, just like the one you probably used as a kid . . . only bigger) and a bag of loops and headed out to my patio. Back to the basics!


Before Tom was able to pull a pint of his latest IPA for me, I had things set up and ready to go.


Sipping and weaving. Not a bad combination.

Over, under, over, under. (Sip.)
Under, over, under, over. (Sip.)
Just back to the basics of creating fabric.
(With the added attraction of enjoying a cold beer.)


By the time I got to the bottom of my beer glass, I had the weaving finished.


And right after dinner, I finished it off.

Not a bad little effort . . . especially when seeking the quick, satisfaction of a completed project. Sometimes going back to basics is the best idea.

(But now back to knitting squares . . . )


Did you make potholders on a loom like this when you were a kid?


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I made potholders as a kid and I continue to make them well into my middle age. They are so fun to weave and give you that "look what I made!" jolt of happiness. I was so into them that I added the PRO size loom to my kit so I can make the bigger potholders (which my practiced eye tells me you do, too). My potholder drawer is packed, so I take them to friends as hostess gifts sometimes. They work great as coasters, too.


That one turned out really nicely. I used to love to make them on a loom. And, in fact, have been toying with getting a loom again. The whole under, over, under, over could be a form of meditation. Add in a sip now and then and it could be perfect!!


Lovely! (and thanks Typepad for allowing images!)

I did potholder weaving with my kids. Gosh, they loved it! :)


I made them as a kid and bought my daughter a higher-quality loom and loops a number of years ago that we've since misplaced. They are a lot of fun!


Love those colors and what a fun pattern! (and OF COURSE I made those potholders when I was a kid!)


Yep! I had a loom and made bunches of those pot holders. They were kind of small, but they got the job done.

I LOVED doing any kind of craft when I was a kid and those loops were fairly inexpensive for a kid that got 25 cents allowance.

kim in oregon

Your bind off is so nice looking!


My little great nieces are 4 and 2 and I look forward to getting pot holder looms for them when they are a little older. I think it'd be a fun thing we can do together. I like your colors a lot.


I thought washcloths/dishcloths were the perfect summer project, but this may be even better! (And they go especially well with IPA!)


I love the colors you chose, they look great together! I have that same potholder loom and it might just be time to make some new ones . . .


I love your color combo and want to say I hope your move goes smoothly. We need you to help us keep balance in all things.


Yes! I made tons of them when I was a kid and gave them as Christmas presents to my mom, grandmothers, and aunts. I found a couple that my mom had saved and they were so small and thin I don't know if they were ever used as a potholder!
I like the colors you chose and I bet those loops are better than the ones I used way back when!


Wow, I have never seen a loom like that before, I have no idea if I could even buy them here. Love the idea of them and your project too.

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