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Getting Up To Speed . . . With a Bonus Reminder

Early last week, I mentioned that I was at the gateway to a Really Big Week. I told you that I would "share more as the days unfolded." But then I didn't. Partly because of those very days unfolding, and partly because I took that little blog break last week while I tried to clear my head and settle my soul.


I thought I'd just bring you up to speed now, after the fact.

First, as you saw in my post yesterday, my daughter Erin has popped in for a visit.


And this isn't just a vacation-y kind of visit. She's actually here for nearly a month! She arrived last week, relaxed through the Memorial Day weekend, and now she's settling into working remotely from our house for a couple of weeks. Keith will join her for a true vaction later in June, and they'll fly back home together.

Erin works in the Bay Area for a large tech company that you've likely heard of, and probably use every day (that would be Google). She does internal software engineering documentation, which she loves, but it does keep her far from her family.  Luckily, she has a very flexible workplace, and they've allowed her to try a short-term, temporary remote work situation . . . from my "art room" (which used to be Brian's bedroom back in the day).


It's great for Tom and I to have her around every day for awhile. A real treat! (And she even likes to weed in my garden with me during her work breaks!)


And . . . as if that wasn't enough excitment, on the same day that Erin arrived, JoJo had some pretty scary surgery. She had 2 smallish mast cell tumors (nasty; malignant) and 3 lipomas (fatty tumors; benign) removed. She had a previous surgery for another mast cell tumor a few years ago, so she is definitely at risk -- but we caught these early and the vet has given JoJo a good prognosis.

All the tumors were located on her chest and upper belly, so she's got a lot of big incisions and stitches. She looks a little like "FrankenDog" actually, or a patchwork dog . . . but she's doing really well and healing quickly.


She doesn't have to wear a cone because she can't really reach or "get at" any of her incisions. She does, however, need to wear t-shirts to protect her incisions when she's laying on the floor around the house or on the ground out in the yard.


Erin and I discovered that tank tops work best for her, so we stocked up on a stack of them at Target -- the "boxy crop" tank tops in women's size medium fit JoJo like a charm! She doesn't mind wearing them at all, which is a good thing because she needs to keep wearing them while she heals until getting the stitches out . . . in 2 more weeks. (The hardest thing? She can't go to the lake until the stitches come out. . . )

IMG_9078 2

So. That's the big excitement here!
And JoJo.
It's a great way to start the summer.


Now for the Bonus Reminder!


Next Tuesday - June 7 - is the Read With Us discussion day for Young Mungo. Our Zoom discussion will begin at 7:00 pm (Eastern Time). Please let me know if you're planning to join us for the Zoom -- either in the comments or by sending me an email (my email link is at the very top of the sidebar).

I hope you'll join us!

(As always, we'll also include discussion questions on our blogs that day, in case you can't make it for the Zoom.)


Have a great weekend, and I'll see you again on Monday!



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Ooh, a whole month of Erin! That would be easy to get used to, and I bet JoJo is glad to have her around, too. JoJo is looking good in her tank tops and I'm sending lots of good healing juju.


Oh my! That's a lot of excitement Kym. It must be wonderful to have Erin around...and for a good chunk of time! I'm sorry about JoJo's needing surgery (again), but so glad the vet says "good prognosis." JoJo by the way looks marvelous in her tank top! Hoping she can have some lake time in two weeks or so. And...I'm planning to join in the discussion on Tuesday! Have a great weekend.


Thanks for bringing everyone up to speed on the big stuff happening for you. It must be really nice to have Erin there for an extended visit. I'm glad JoJo came through her surgery well, she's a lucky dog to have the best caregivers ever. You must be itching to get up north, though!


Count me in for the zoom next Tuesday. Should be a very interesting discussion.


I hope JoJo heals well...she sure looks good in her tank top! How nice for you to have Erin home for a long visit! I hope you enjoy every bit of it.
After nearly a month of horrible internet service and multiple visits from technicians, I got fed up and switched providers, so yes, I do plan on joining the zoom session next week!


Wow, a month-long visit where she works from your house - that WOULD be nice!

OMG Jojo and her tank top wardrobe! She looks adorable. I hope she heals well and quickly so she can just enjoy doggie things the rest of the summer. Please kiss he for me. xo


It's so great to see Erin in your home & garden!! Yay! Jojo is adorable... she could be a model for those tank tops! <3


How wonderful to have your daughter staying for a whole month, I hope you have a wonderful time together x

I hope Jojo heals well, loving the tank top look :)


Get well soon, Jojo.

Glad you have your best girl around for a visit. Have fun!

kim in oregon

How great to have your daughter around for a while and for JoJo to be on the road to being tumor-free!


That's a lot of excitement, Kym! I'm delighted that you'll have Erin around for an extended visit, and I'm glad to hear that Jojo is recovering well. And how convenient that she looks adorable in her tank tops!

Definitely count me in for the discussion on Tuesday!


Dogs look ridiculous in clothes but JoJo looks great! So glad the tumors were found early. Enjoy your time with Erin!


Yay for Extended-Stay-Erin! And I am so glad that Jo-Jo is recovering in such an incredibly stylish fashion!



Our son, Aaron, comes now and then and works remotely for a week. This ability to work remotely is most often a benefit. Erin's visit sounds so nice. I hope JoJo continues to heal. Tank tops are ever so much better than a cone.


How wonderful to have Erin for an Extended Visit! and all my best wishes for a quick and easy recovery for Jo-Jo. xxoo.


Companies are getting smart about flexible work places. To have the chance to see family while you work is priceless. Our Moxie had tumors removed several times in his life and we used baby onesies to cover his wounds (about the same spot as Jo-jo's). Hope she'll be in the pink and soon back in the lake with you!

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