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Museum of Me: June 2022

Tales From the Garden

You know how I often talk about gardening as a metaphor for hope and resilience? Well. Have I got a garden tale for you!

Last summer, I stuck my post-bloom amaryllis plants out in the garden for the season. My plan . . . was to let them do their thing in the summer sun, and then put them in a dark place to overwinter for a while before bringing them out in time to force-bloom for my post-holiday enjoyment. At the end of October last year, I stuck 6 amaryllis bulbs (still in their pots) in the garage, right next to the beer fridge.

And that was that.

And . . . that's where they stayed, actually. Because I never brought them into the house after the holidays. I completely ignored them. Didn't want to deal with them. Had no amaryllis bulbs in the house at all this year. (In fact, they're all still sitting in my garage, right next to the beer fridge.)

So imagine my surprise last weekend while I was scrambling around in the garage for my loppers . . . when I noticed one of the amaryllis bulbs sending up . . .



Talk about hope and resilience.

Despite my WORST neglect . . .
cold cement
not a drop of water
every conceivable plant hardship

. . . this bulb is giving me a beautiful bloom! (With two more to come.)


And a reminder that we can, indeed, survive and thrive.
Even if the conditions are far less than ideal.

Screen Shot 2022-06-07 at 8.16.25 AM

(. . . or overwintered in a dark garage, right next to the beer fridge.)


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I can't believe that the stem isn't that sickly sort of white and it's got three lovely blossoms! (It may be the proximity to the beer fridge ...)


Wow! Just wow, Kym! That is incredible! (I too am wondering about the beer fridge powers... lol)


Beautiful and Surprising! I'm a third who thinks the beer fridge has something to do with it - LOL and what fun to have Amaryllis blooms NOW!!


Nature is truly amazing and our best example of resilience!


The best! :-)


That is one determined plant!

kim in oregon

It's gorgeous! And we now have a beer fridge in the garage as well.


This is a wonderful story of hope and resilience. Life can be beautiful even amidst the difficult times. I did the same thing with my amaryllis but forgot to put them in the garage in the fall and the bulbs turned to mush. Apparently there is some neglect they can't overcome, hahaha!


Certainly looks like amaryllis live on hope and even when you don't do what you should do on your end, they'll thrive! Good lesson, Kym.


A beer fridge? Wow we don't have room for one of those. I know nothing about Amaryllis so I am going to guess that it needs a bit more loving care than you have given yours. Yes nature is amazing and we have so much to learn from it if we wanted to.


I love this story. It could be my story about a Christmas cactus that remained in it 3" pot for several years, got watered very infrequently, and still managed to bloom twice in 4 months.


What a beautiful story of resilience and hope, Kym - thank you!

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