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Stitching in the Summer

The view from my "knitting" chair looks a little different these days . . . 


I blame this . . . 


I follow embroidery designer Nicki Franklin on Instagram. She creates the most charming embroidery designs for herself -- and for her UK business, The Stitchery. After drooling over her stitching kits for a couple of years, I finally succumbed and bought one. (Well. Actually more than one.)

I learned to embroider even before I learned to knit or sew, and I've always loved just sitting and stitching. I did a lot of cross stitch for a while back in the late 80s/early 90s, but I really prefer the texture of embroidery. Other than a few simple embroidery projects lately, though, I haven't done much stitching for a few years. 

So I decided I'd need a little practice with my "fancy" stitches before tackling my new kit.


Lucky for me, Nicki Franklin has a charming sampler/practice kit, too!

Although I won't be setting my knitting completely aside for the summer, it is going to have to share stitching time - and space on the table next to my "knitting" chair - with my embroidery. Stay tuned!


How about you? What are you making these days?


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I was very seriously into cross-stitch for a while before knitting obsession took over, and I'm so charmed by all the cute embroidery samplers that are available now. One of these days I need to share some of the pieces I did all those years ago.

I'm still plodding along on my brother's sweater, and perhaps I need something shiny to dangle in front of me as motivation to finish.


That "Plant Sale" design looks like it might have been made for you! Have fun with those fancy stitches and all the embroidery happening in your knitting chair.


I finished my test knit and was thinking it might be fun to pick up my embroidery sampler for the summer. I think it will be a good alternative to m sock knitting projects.


Looking forward to see how this progresses.

It's nice to see embroidery making a comeback.


What fun! (I enjoy stitching as well... there is something meditative about it!) This summer though... I am picking up a brush and forging ahead with watercolors! :)


That's just lovely and so perfectly you. I did a lot of cross stitch, too, but I never learned embroidery stitches except for French knots. Right now I'm knitting another Musselburgh hat.


Years ago I did a lot of counted cross stitch and hardanger embroidery. I still enjoy embroidery, especially some of the small sampler kits. I will check out Nicki Franklin. I'm currently working on a Spring Stitchbook by Charlotte Lyons and am about half way done. I like the quiet, slow work of stitching.


Charming is exactly the right word! I'm seeing more embroidery pop up in my IG feed, too - maybe you're the reason why! (and thank you)


I learned embroidery when I was quite young -- 6? 8? My mom taught me, but she was always critical of my reverse side "Too messy!" For a while in the 80s and 90s I did cross-stitch and needlepoint, but they had the same shortcomings as embroidery -- having to stop to rethread the needle, change color ofp thread/yarn. Knitting in continuous (mostly). Plus I have a moral problem with cross-stitch, needlepoint, (and embroidery, to a lesser extent): the finished product is not useful, merely decorative. Perfect for high-born ladies while away their afternoons, but give me a sweater/cowl/blanket everytime.


Wish I liked to embroider - there are so many darling modern patterns out now - but I just don’t. A friend embroiders so I have started to keep up with it. There are many practical applications. Pillows, quilt squares, belts, jewelry, a favorite motto, just about anything. I have Kristin Nicholas’ book which I keep mostly for technique, in case I have a sudden urge to embroider initials on some mittens. Will check out Nicki Franklin’s Instagram just for fun.


Oh man, I'm a sucker for a sampler of any kind!! ;)


Wonderful embroidery, I have been dabbling with a little too. I do love embroidery.


I look forward to seeing your embroidery projects. These are both darling. I love the finished projects but somehow I stall out on the process so for right now I'm going to enjoy your stitching.

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