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Sometimes Mondays

. . . feel a little empty.


For the past month or so, my life has been very . . . full.

Not busy, exactly.
Just . . . full.

Full of good things -- family, fun, love, silliness, laughter, lightness. But also full of a whole slew of things I've been letting go of - temporarily - but still holding in my head. (Y'know. As we do.)

So on this Monday, I'm feeling empty.
But also very ready to put myself back together again.


Happy Monday!
I hope your week is off to a great start.


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I hope you are viewing the emptiness in a good light and ready to fill it up again!


If you view empty as an opportunity to fill as you choose then I think it can be a good thing. I imagine there is some sadness mixed with the empty feeling right now, too, but a return to regular routines can be welcome. XOXO


Back to normal... such a weighted phrase. I hope your week is gentle with you as you ease back in! XO


A periodic emptying out and putting back what is wanted and necessary is a good thing. Here's hoping for a good putting back together week.


Hope the week settles out on a positive note.


Hope you week has been ok in the end, just catching up with blog reading after my own full week!

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