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Best Of . . . June 2022

For a while now, I've been wrapping up each month with a last-Monday post highlighting the "best of" that month. But then in May, I skipped doing that. Because the Uvalde shooting had just happened, right after the Buffalo shooting had just happened, and . . . I just didn't feel I could muster a "best of" kind of post.

Now here we are in June. And I'm still processing . . . last week. I could easily convince myself to just skip a "best of" post for this month, too. But damnit. I'm not going to! Some shitty stuff happened in June, for sure. But there was also a lot of good stuff. And I don't want another month to slip away without my acknowledging the best parts of it.

So here goes! To the BEST of my June!

I got this! All my kids together for a few days. . . 


And plenty of this. I got Erin for nearly a whole month!


And, gruesome as this looks, JoJo healed well from her surgery. Her stitches are finally out (after 4 weeks!), and her prognosis is good.


And that means . . . I can go up north again! (Where I am this week.)


And last week, we finally (finally) had our new doors installed! This is "Phase I" of an extensive exterior re-do project we've had planned for our house . . . since 2019. This is my new front door -- only recently released from Container Ship Purgatory.


My garden has been absolutely lovely all month long.


A big highlight? My Satomi dogwood was absolutely dripping with beautiful blooms in June.


And, really, my garden is looking good even at night . . . now that we've got new solar lighting brightening our paths and highlighting our pergola.


There WAS a lot to celebrate in June.
Sometimes . . . I just need to remind myself, y'know?


How about you? What was the best of YOUR June?



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You really did have a lot of good things in June (despite the national awfulness) and I'm glad you chose to chronicle all of it! Any of these single things are good but together they all add up to great! Enjoy your time Up North!


June really was a great month for you. So glad that JoJo is healing and you can be at the lake!! Love your front door. Our highlight in June was, of course, having time with Colin & Mailing!!


Having your kids home ...................................THE BEST!

Having Jojo healing well ....................yep, a very, very best!

I think the world is in such a way that every month is going to have some ugly parts, but looking for the best is a very good idea.

My bests? Spending Saturday mornings with Vera, having time for coffee at our favorite shops *almost* every day, cat snuggles.


This is all extremely wonderful, but I have to say that I'm SO glad that Jojo healed well and got a good prognosis! Now she can not only have a good summer, but snoopervise Tom and keep him on the straight and narrow when he's working from home. His boss should give her a raise.

I'm guessing that with all of the good stuff for you - family, house, and garden - that your heart is full more of happiness than despair. I hope so.


I'd say those are some very good things, Kym! :)

I am sad that June is just moving past at break-neck speed! Gah!


This post did me a world of good today. Thank you.


Wonderful!! So glad you had your kids together again (and one of them all to yourself for so long)! We're moving in that direction... I fetched Maddy & Viv yesterday, and will pick up Kate a week from today!

What a difference a little light makes, huh? I love your lit-up garden!


I feel like it's more important than ever to focus on the good things when there's so much bad in the world. And you had some excellent good stuff in June! My good things? Having my kiddo at home with me all day after school ended for the year, things growing in the garden (including lots of tomatoes, now that I finally realized I could plant them in front of the house, where they'll actually get sun!), and starting to run a little again.


I think it's important that we still celebrate and acknowledge the good in our lives, it gives us strength to deal with the shitty things that happen. XOXO


It's funny how we [so much more easily] forget the good 'punctuation marks' in life...but never the bad! What a great ritual, reviewing the photos. Remembering. Even from just a few weeks past! Beautiful smiles here, beautiful gardens. So much life to celebrate.
Enjoy your cabin time!


So many good things. And your kids…nothing better. :-) I got to see Dan, go away with Doug for a few days and celebrate 35 years of marriage! Despite all the bad…the good was so very good. xo


Thank you for sharing this post - LOVE seeing all your kids together! and so happy that summer has finally arrived in Michigan :-) Enjoy your time up north this week.


June had some very good moments for you. Having your kids together has to be among the best. Hooray. Enjoy the lake time.


You have so much to celebrate and we must acknowledge the good things in our worlds. You kids are so grown up, you know what I mean? They look like real adults! It's crazy to see how much they've changed over the years. And, it's really cool, too.


Looks like June has been a Spectacular month for you, Kym. Family really is the best (including Jojo!). June really is bustin’ out all over (couldn’t resist).


Sounds like it has been a good month for you despite the bad bits. Sometimes those can overwhelm us can't they, I am glad you were able to find the happy moments from your month.


Getting the kids and their families all together at one time is not easy, but it is absolutely wonderful when it happens!

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