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Inspired by the upcoming Summer Solstice, I've got a week's worth of summer-questions for you!


Did you like to play in the water when you were a kid? Pool? Lake? Ocean beach? Maybe a sprinkler on the lawn? Did you keep cool with water in the summer? And . . . how about now, as an adult?


As for me, I spent as much time as I could in the water when I was a kid. This gem of a vacation photo from 1968 has only recently surfaced, and I just love it! (Especially . . . my mom's Esther Williams-style bathing cap.) At about this same age, I started swimming on a swim team (an activity that lasted through my high school days), so I was very comfortable in the water. We had this little pool in our backyard (below) -- but any water was fine with me! I had a fine time just running through a sprinkler on a hot summer day.


I still like being near the water as a grown-up. Not so much being IN it as being NEAR it. I like kayaking or boating on the lake, but swimming with fish and and loons and leeches kind of creeps me out a little bit, y'know? (I'm totally comfortable in a pool; lake water, though? I'm a bit more hesitant. . . ) And I still look forward to running into a sprinkler now and then!


How about YOU? I'd love to hear about your summer water play!



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Ha! I remember well those bathing caps. I used to swim so much! We belonged to a swim club when I was growing up and we went daily. We would also go to the beach (NJ Shore) but I was never comfortable in the ocean (too many critters). Likewise, we would spend a month every summer at a lake in Vermont - too many fish, seaweed, etc., but I used to go out in a row boat daily and loved it. When Fletch and I first married our neighbors had a pool that was almost never used. I would swim every day and in the evening after work. I really miss swimming a lot.


That bathing cap is great! I loved swimming when I was a kid, got wonderful relief from sciatica when I was pregnant by swimming, and still enjoy swimming. My grandmother used to say that water washed the grumpiness away, and I think that's pretty much true for me!


There are SO many things I did as a kid that I would never do today and being in the water is one of them!


I learned to swim in a lake at Girl Scout camp and yes, we shared the water with Chuck, the resident snapping turtle and lots of other lake critters. My family went camping every summer, so I also swam in the various ponds, brooks, kills, & swimming holes that are scattered throughout New York State & New England. Some of the spring fed swimming holes in the Catskills were so cold they took your breath away. There was a farm pond a few miles out of town that we would ride our bikes to called Old Mill Beach. It was a cow pond and I can still see the cows swimming on the other side...yuck!
If I were to go swimming now, I would want a pool!
Our high school didn't have a pool, but did have a boys swim team...I think they held meets at West Point. I graduated a year before Title 9, so there were no sports for girls. My sister, who is quite a few years younger than me, was on the swim team and by that time there was a new high school & it had a pool.


When I was a kid, any water would do. I loved being in the water.

In Florida, we had a pool. I swam in it once in awhile. We went to the ocean a lot. I'd walk in the water, but no deeper than my knees.

Here? No access to a pool or swimmable lake/river/stream, what have you. We live near a huge lake, but apparently it is so polluted with lead, you aren't allowed to swim in it. The lake I swam in as a kid doesn't allow swimming anymore either. But, I would if I could.


My grandparents had a spring-fed pond on their property, with fish and algae in some areas, but it was wonderful when we visited for a week in the summer. We lived near Fort Niagara State Park on Lake Ontario, but the beach was often too polluted. The park had an Olympic-sized pool and a separate diving pool, with a diving board. Fifty cents bought us hours of fun, although we were supposed to pay 25 cents to use the bathroom. Usually we crawled under the doors... YUCK, when I think of it!


Definitely outdoor swimming for me, I live in an area which has a lot of lakes large and small, the small ones are called tarns. My husband swims in them year round but it is too cold for me after about the end of October, I swim outside from about April/May to then each year and it is the highlight of the summer for me now. I used to be a pool swimmer but I cannot imagine swimming in a pool now.


My parents had a cottage at a lake so lots of water time there. My Aunt had a cottage at the shore so we also got some ocean time. Visiting another Aunt in VT, they had a pool so we always had water options. At home, I'm sure we had sprinklers. My sister is 4 years old and she was on the swim team in high school so lots of meets I had to go to. I joined my freshman year but being at school till 6 everyday was something I wasn't willing to do so I gave them up quickly.


Oh - that photo!! I love the water - actually being IN pools, sprinklers, rain, the ocean ... and looking AT a lake or a river. There is just something so SUMMER about being in/near water!


That bathing cap is marvelous! What a gem of a picture. So glad that one resurfaced! Surprisingly, I'm very much a water person now-- although, I was petrified of swimming lessons because I had a teacher, when I was a preschooler, whose practice it was to dunk her hesitant students. Didn't serve me well... By the time I was a teen, though, I was very much at home in the water. (When it comes to being IN it, i'll admit I prefer to be able to see all the way to the bottom! Otherwise, I'm just happy to be near it or on it :-)


For my entire childhood, our family summer vacation was someplace where water played a key role. When I was really little, we went to the Jersey shore (Ocean City, to be specific), and we spent days at the beach. I still remember the smell of the showers I took after we got back, a combination of salt water and sunblock.

When I was a little older, we went to Cape Cod, where we stayed in a development that had three pool complexes. Most of the time we spent the day at the mid-size one, which had an outdoor pool and an indoor lap pool. We were in and out all day. When I was a teen, I'd even walk to the pool on my own in the morning and swim laps before breakfast.


Count me in for the water - I grew up with an above ground pool in our back yard, and also with trips (we were country kids) into town to the big city pool. In hot, dry, Eastern Washington, those afternoons at the pool were both a way to cool off, and to see my friends. My mom would drop us off and we'd stay till she had us paged when she came to pick us up.
Now, I'm more likely to take a dip in the river, or a lake if we visit friends (in Montana). I miss that part of summer.


I've always loved being near the water, whether it's the ocean or a lake or a pool or even a pond (although that's my least favorite). As a kid I loved the beach and swam in the ocean as much as I could. We always spent the month of July at a rental cottage on Cape Cod and my grandparents lived on this side of the canal (so not Cape Cod but close) and the beach was a block from their house. We had close friends with a pool and spent a lot of time there, too. As an adult, I don't go in as much but I still love to be near the water and the ocean is my first choice. For years I wouldn't get my hair wet but I'm over that now and I love to play in the waves!


My parents had a small cabin on a medium-sized lake when we lived in southern MN. I didn't really know how to swim, although I was a pro at dog-paddling. But the deep water started quite a ways out in the lake, so there was plenty of room for water play for this non-swimmer. When we moved to northern MN, we were on the bay of a large lake, but it really was not good for swimming -- lily pads, silty bottom, yuck. During spring in college my roommate and I took a city bus from campus through downtown and to a good lake in south Mpls. I was still a non-swimmer, so I stayed near the shore. Roommate was a swimmer so she would swim out to the farthest moored sailboat, climb aboard and sun herself there. Eventually I learned how to swim, but I was never proficient at it.

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