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Inspired by the upcoming Summer Solstice, I've got a week's worth of summer-questions for you!


Here in the Northern Hemisphere, Summer officially arrives with the Summer Solstice . . . this year on Tuesday, June 21. But, here in my corner of the world, we get little glimpses of summer far earlier than mid-June. So . . . when do you consider the beginning of summer to be? Is it the calendar? Or is there an event (last day of school, for example) or something in the air (the smell of wisteria, for example?) Or is it some other "sign" altogether?


As for me, it's when I absolutely and without a doubt can put. away. the. socks. Hello, Summer . . . for me . . . is all about the footwear, and - in particular - flip-flops all the time! (And that happened for me . . . sometime in May this year.)


How about YOU? I'd love to hear when summer begins . . . for you!



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Summer used to start for me when the kids got out of school, but that doesn't work anymore. So now summer begins when I see the first lightning bugs, and that happened last Thursday!


It was always when school was finished for the year, but now I'm not conscious of that (no commuting behind busses, no kids in school). And the weather has been so back and forth, or up and down. I wore flip flops earlier and then needed shoes and socks after that. I think I will stick with June 21st.


We can get a one-off day when you need socks in summer here.

I go by the calendar. The first day of summer is when the calendar says so. This year I have a very summery post for that day. :::wink:::

P.S. Steve is still wearing knit socks when he works. So .....guess it's not summer yet! LOL


I am with you 1000% on the shoes/socks vs. sandals bit. For me, I think summer STARTS when it's warm, dry & breezy enough that I can throw open the windows for a few days in a row. That happened last weekend. It's cementing itself today with a heat wave -- real temp near 93F, heat index around 100, and dew point close to 70! Ugh. It's way too early for that (never mind that we've already danced with 90 a couple of times already this year).


I think when we can finally sit on the deck later in the afternoon - in shorts for more than a day at a time - summer has arrived! I think it’s finally here!


I have several signs in my life that it's summer, the end of the school year being the most obvious. But as someone who hates the many hours of darkness during the winter more than anything, it feels like summer has truly arrived when the sun comes up before I get up and doesn't go down until I'm getting ready for bed.

kim in oregon

A week without rain is the start of summer on the coast in Oregon. So far=no summer.


I can think of so many signs of summer. Changing footwear. Leaving the windows open all night. Things in my garden really starting to pop. Spending entire evenings on the deck. Dinner under the pergola. I think the definitive thing for me, though, is getting my containers planted. Thanks for making me think long and hard about what the start of my favorite season really is.


Growing up in NY State, school didn't let out until the end of June and pools and beaches didn't open until July 1st, so I always thought of 4th of July as the beginning of summer. Living in central Illinois has changed my mind and now I think summer begins on Memorial Day. It is dreadfully hot here today and it looks like we'll have this weather for the next couple of weeks. This is the time of year when I get cabin fever. I'm a wimp when it comes to hot, humid weather and I can't imagine doing much of anything outdoors, although I did walk the dog at 5:30 this morning when it was only 80 degrees!


Your timing is fun! I always mark the beginning of summer with Memorial Day weekend, which also happens to be the end of school around here.


I agree with Sarah. It's all about the light. I'm wearing socks now as we had a cold front bring rain (much needed), and since few people I know are in school, the light brings the most consistent feeling of summer.


Hmm I am not sure that I have a sign. Summer here is very hit and miss sometimes it doesn't warm up enough all season to ditch the socks. I like to think it will arrive after June 21st but that does not always happen. It is never warm enough in the evenings to sit outside without a jumper, hat and sometimes a coat too. I am not in sandals yet this year but hope that might change in the coming weeks, I am thinking this is going to be a cold summer this year.


Beginning of summer used to be when school ended. I would pack up myself and the boys and head to the lake for the entire summer. Smokey would come up as his schedule allowed. Summer ended on Labor Day, when I packed up myself and the boys to head back to Minneapolis.

Now, summer starts roughly 20 minutes after the trees have leafed out. Spring usually last only a few hours, then we go directly into summer.

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