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Two For the Price of One!

How about a little knitting . . . and a little sewing . . . all in one post!


First, let's talk about the knitting!

It's this shawl . . . and it's pretty wonderful (especially once I got into the rhythm of that linen stitch section). I used Rowan Felted Tweed from my stash. (Kay and Ann over at Modern Daily Knitting are right when they say that any color combination of Rowan Felted Tweed will work together. I had a lot of fun figuring out my color scheme from what I had on hand.)


I really like the size! I know I'll wear it a lot when it's cold. But I hope I don't wear it much until next fall . . . 

Sometimes Tom and I have a little too much fun when doing these photo shoots. I was whipping that shawl all over the place as he was taking photos and making me laugh.


In fact, I was laughing so much - and being so goofy - that we never got a good shot of my sewing project! Which is the grey top I'm wearing UNDER the shawl . . . 


It's a Toaster Sweater (#2) from Sew House Seven, and I really love it. Although we did . . . have Some Moments together. The pattern is well designed (it's very Eileen Fisher-y), and the directions are very clear, but it's for knits . . . and that always ups the stakes. I made mine from a merino wool knit that looks and feels divine. But it was on the pricey side (so I cared a lot), and ohmygod . . . it rolled like crazy, so it was a pain in the patootie to work with. But. I wrangled it into shape and even used a twin-needle to (successfully) hem the damn thing.



That's two winning projects in one post! I'm hoping, though, that I can pack both of them away until fall. (Anyone willing to make a bet on that???)


How about you? What are you making these days?


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Beautiful finishes and what fun pictures!! Your shawl is gorgeous and the gray top looks so comfortable. I have yarn picked out for the SSP Shawl, but I'm focusing on current projects and then I'd like to wrap up a couple of unfinished ones before I start that. I'm hiding the yarn away in a bag and not peeking so as not to be tempted.....


Look at all that joy in those photos! Clearly both projects were winners for you, and I think they both look great.

I've just cast on another Hitchhiker because someone who looks just like me loves mine so much that she wants her own, and I'm getting ready to cast on a new sweater.


Gorgeous! Both your shawl and top look great and you look great in them. You have me considering an SSP shawl in my future projects (but no sewing with knits for me). I hope you get to pack them away, but no bets!
P.S. I'm not sure that you and Tom having "too much fun" taking pictures is possible!


I agree with Sarah. It was a joy to look at you having such a great time! The makes are beautiful!!


Both of those projects are great. Nicely done!


That first photo put a big grin on my face! The shawl and the top are both fantastic!


Both lovely pieces! And a lovely model! God Almighty I hope you get to put them away! They would both be acceptable wear here today! xo


Sorry about all the exclamation marks (eye roll...)

kim in oregon

Great items there, well done!


Your photos are such fun! I would love to see the out-takes!

I am always in awe of folks that can sew and follow patterns, I love sewing but always make things up and am not very good at following patterns I always get confused by the directions which is partly due to the fact that I am not very good with things like that generally! I will have to get a little more adventurous and make up some more patterns for more complicated items I think.

Your shawl and new top are lovely, and merino wool to sew with, wow, I would be very scared!


oh my - your SSP is gorgeous! I think Kay and Ann nailed it - there is no bad combo of RFT! ... I am almost ready to finish mine. your FO has inspired me for sure. I'm not sure I'll be able to have such a good time photographing mine, but again, you're inspiring me :-) Your Toaster is awesome, too - and I predict both pieces will see a little more wear before the fall (I'm sorry!)


Your SSP shawl is beautiful, such a great pattern and the colors look perfect! Your top looks great, what a nice pattern and you did such a great job working with that knit fabric! I lack the patience for sewing with knits!


What a joy filled photo shoot. The beautiful shawl looks warm and cozy. Here's hoping you can pack it away until fall. The top looks great too.


Love the shawl! Very cool. Printed out all the Felted Tweed colors then cut each square out individually so I could play mix n’ match. Too many choices! How did you manage to narrow it down??? Impressed with your turtleneck top and that you were able to deal with that particular fabric. I think I would have given up, pricey or not!


Love the shawl and the fun photos! LOL But that Toaster Sweater! Gorgeous! Bravo to you! That looks just amazing!

(and I am not betting on the weather at all... it seems winter thinks to make a permanent home here... at least until Summer kicks him to the curb this weekend. Yep... 40's to 80's seems totally normal, right?)


Both great projects. The Toaster Sweater hits a sweet spot - it's kind of sweat-shirt-ish, but you can definitely wear it places. Hoping these are those last projects that you finish in the spring and are "new" next fall. We had a day over 70 yesterday, which was glorious, but today, it's raining. Again. Which we need. Hard to believe it's May though.


So chic! Together and separately they shine and compliment each other. Whether you need to keep them in play (they would be useful in our neighborhood this weekend), or you have the gift of putting them away, they'll be perfect pieces to have in rotation. I'm eyeing SSP. What a great looking knit!

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