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The Merry Month of May

I love May. It's usually the month when things finally turn around, and it truly starts to feel like Spring in my corner of the world. It doesn't usually snow in May (although it has. . . ), and everything is beginning to green up and finally look like spring. At last!

Turning the calendar over to May . . .  means it's also time to . . . 


On the first Monday of the month, I share random things that have recently caught my eye. Interesting articles, little factoids, and inspiring this-and-that, for the most part. Things that might help get your day started in a revved-up kind of way.


Let's start things off with a quote . . . 

"Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, magic, and power in it. Begin it now."
--- Steven Pressfield

I feel some boldness in the air. May just bursts with possibility, doesn't it?


Get Yourself Some Magic Windows


A couple of weeks ago, I shared my "magic windows" with you. You don't have to have actual stained glass windows to get magic windows of your own, though! You can get yourself some "magic window stickers" or hanging prisms and create rainbow rooms of your own.

If you want to turn your regular windows into stained glass-looking windows, this company makes custom stickers that convert your windows to "magic windows." (I have never ordered from the company, and I didn't check out their pricing. I just found them through a Google search, and cannot vouch for them. But their windows look pretty cool.) If you're looking for a less "custom" option, there are all kinds of cool stained glass window decals here, and a quick Etsy search yielded hundreds of options for window stickers and clings, hanging prisms, and more -- with a wide variety of prices. (I actually ordered a large set of these window clings for $14.95. I'm planning to use them in some of my big windows -- for rainbow magic AND as an attempt to keep birds from flying into our windows.) Anyway. . . maybe you'll be tempted to set up some "magic windows" for yourself!


The Covid Time Warp is Real


If you're like me, you probably feel like time "folded" (or something) since the Covid pandemic began. My concept of time . . . got really skewed, and it didn't really make sense to me. Well. Turns out I'm not the only one -- and that it's a Real Thing! A recent UCLA study demonstrates that most of us are experiencing a pandemic time warp, with 2020 and 2021 kind of meshing into one big blob of time. You can read the fascinating article about the concept here. But, in short, we lost the "markers" we usually use to tell time -- birthday celebrations, vacations, holidays, etc. -- and our brains just . . . got confused without that "breadcrumb trail" to follow.


Remember Macro May?

I've never participated in Macro May, but I know several people who do/have. Anyway, check this out for some iPhone Macro Photo Inspiration! These 10 photos represent the winners in Apple's iPhone Macro Photo Challenge. They're pretty incredible!


Looking for an Audiobook?


I love to have a good audiobook going whenever I walk JoJo or work in my garden or take up mundane home chores. Not all books make for good listening, though. The narrator can really make or break the whole experience! Esquire magazine just released a list of the 30 Best Audiobooks of All Time. This is a great list, covering a wide range of genres. Some books are fairly new releases, and some have been around for awhile. I actually downloaded 2 titles from this list to enjoy over the summer. (Bonus points if you can guess which ones!)


Just for Fun

When I was a kid, I used to love flip-books. Y'know, those books with animation on the edge of the pages . . . you flipped the pages and the drawings magically "moved?" Well . . . check out this quick little video and be amazed over the lost art of "fore-edge painting" (which is much cooler than those basic flip-books I loved as a child). It's awsome, and well worth the 3 minutes it'll take you to watch.


And with that, we're OFF!
Here's to a great week for all of us. 

Happy May, everyone.


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The Fore-Edge Painting is cool the way the images disappear when the book is closed. Each year I receive from work the Swarovski Snowflake ornament. We have them hanging in our kitchen in front of the windows...and we get marvelous rainbows on our walls on sunny days. I like the idea of the decals to help stop birds from flying into glass. We have a decal of a spider web on our patio door and also a decal of a hawk...but the rainbow clouds are much, much nicer! (I'm guessing "Just Kids" for one of your books...maybe "Their Eyes Were Watching God" for the other?)


What a chock-full post!

Oh my! Fore-Edge Painting! Who knew! Thank you for sharing!

I love those window decals! :) Hmmm, that would be a fun gift to send to the grands as well!

And whew... so I am not loosing my mind! It is COVID Time Warp! Haha! (I am now using that as my all purpose excuse!)

(and I was thinking about iPhone Macro May... thank you for that inspiring link!)

And the audiobooks! YES! I have listened to some on that list... I will have to add a couple more. And I think your picks are Trevor Noah and James Baldwin! XO


I love Magic Windows and have prisms and a small stained glass rainbow quilt square hanging in the kitchen. Rainbows (and enjoying a beer) make preparing dinner much better! I am glad that the covid time warp is a real thing and not something pointing towards my senility, and I'm also going to read more from that lab about their studies on how the brain processes time. That is a good list of audiobooks, but I'm not sure about your picks. Maybe The Stand and Michelle Obama?


That covid time warp thing is so real. I have a lot of trouble distinguishing things that happened in 2020 and 2021, especially with work and when we closed, opened, etc. Hoopla is doing bonus borrows for the month of May so library patrons have unlimited borrows and there are great audiobooks available from them. Hooray for May and all the possibility and hope that comes with it!


I already was aware of the COVID time warp, but how do you explain that my brain still thinks the '90s were 20 years ago?!

I have read many of the books on that list, but the only one I've actually listened to was The Dutch House. I really had to laugh at the one that said it was more than $11K on Audible!


I recommend the audiobook "Becoming Duchess Goldblatt", written by Anonymous. Duchess Goldblatt is a persona invented by a woman who was going through a very difficult time in her life -- she lost her marriage, custody of her young son, and her job, all at the same time -- because she just wanted to dip her toe into the world of social media. Duchess was on Twitter; her comments on others' post were always positive, her own posts came out of left field. If you haven't read her on Twitter, go do so ASAP. Then listen to the book.


I agree about the pandemic time warp! 2020-2021 is just a big blur to me and I sometimes feel as if I've been just aging in place these past few years!
I am fascinated by the fore edge painting and I would love to see and actual book that has been painted like that!
That looks like a great list of audio books. I'm currently listening to Crying in H Mart, it is very good so far, but the food descriptions make me hungry!
Hope you have a great week!


Wow thank you for sharing that video, I loved it!

I agree with the blur of COVID time, those anchors were just not there and now it is so hard to work out which year we did things in.

Happy May to you too xx


"I feel some boldness in the air. May just bursts with possibility, doesn't it?" YES YES YES!

Anne Bogel shared that same link about the fore-edges and how readers have used it to track chapters in LONG books and how she uses it in her book journal. LOVE! have you seen the edge of One Sky Day (aka Popisho)? gorgeous!

can't wait to learn which two audiobooks you downloaded. I was surprised that I'd actually listened to many of them already. which makes me think you probably did too?!

(and I don't mean to whine, but I'd love to subscribe to your blog, but that link takes me to a page of code ... any chance it's an easy fix on your end?)

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