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Tales From the Garden

Meet my springtime Garden Nemesis . . . 


Hairy bittercress.

I am currently doing battle with this little bugger ALL OVER MY GARDEN. I spend a good chunk of every day digging as much of this crappy weed out of my garden beds as I can manage. I need to do it NOW . . . before it goes to seed. Because when it goes to seed? It propels hundreds of tiny seeds in all directions! (It's very impressive.) If I can get it before it goes to seed, I can slow the spread . . . and staunch the bleeding. (This stuff is everywhere.)

If you are troubled by certain weeds, you might like to check out this super helpful weed-identification website from the University of California. Yes. I know it's California, and I don't live in California. But this weed-identification site is interactive and super easy to use -- AND most common weeds tend to thrive in all growing zones anyway. (Not all, but most.) Once I figure out what my weed IS, I can google it for my area and work from there.


Here is more hairy bittercress . . . interspersed with another of my nemesis-weeds, common chickweed. (Boo! Hiss!)

Why is it important to know about your weeds? Well, if you know which ones you've got and how to deal with them, you'll have more success getting rid of them! For me . . . with my hairy bittercress infestation . . . I know I need to pull before they seed.

I'm in a race with time.
(Wish me luck!)



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I am running the same race... gah, the dratted little buggers are prolific aren't they?

Good luck!


I am fighting back against Creeping Charlie. My neighbor thought the little purple flowers were pretty, so he never dug them out. They've gone to seed and are everywhere. My gardening SiL makes her first salad of the year from weeds - mostly dandelion and hairy bittercress. She says it makes her feel better to get revenge by eating them in salad or quiche!


For us it is clover and dandelions.

Right now . . . they are winning.


Chickweed! Grrrrrr! I hate that stuff. And garlic mustard! (I welcome the dandelions and clover. In fact, I'd gladly have a lawn of clover if I could.)


Oh yeah, plenty of weeds here too. Chickweed, cats claw, dandelions (which I don't mind but Fletch can't stand). We have a lot of clover too, but neither of us mind that...and the bunnies love it. We used to have a ton of plantain, but have been pretty successful in eliminating that. Good Luck!


I have lots of weeds this year and have had few windows of opportunity for weeding. I don't mind weeding in a gentle rain, but we have had day after day of downpours and thunder storms. I'm pretty discouraged with my whole yard, this is the third year I have been trying to hire someone to do landscaping work that is too heavy for me. Everyone has no help and say they can barely keep up with mowing jobs. I have my fingers crossed that a 16 year old farm kid ( I know his parents) will be able to help with some of the work once school lets out.


Our biggest nightmare is bindweed. How much does every gardener in SOUL garden hate it? They need to dig it out of the pathways all year and the best time to do that is right after a rain storm (this is the right time of year to try and "tame" it (if you can). Ugh. It is a never ending nemesis!


Quack grass in the irises. Oh my what an ongoing battle. I don't think we have the hairy doesn't look familiar. But the common chickweed does look like something that I also battle. Good luck with conquering the weeds!!

kim in oregon

It's a weed from Hogwarts!


I'm not sure what we have (but am now retiredly interested in figuring in out) but today I found a ridiculous amount of chives! We had them 30 years ago - but not since. Some very generous volunteer?


Yes we have lots of them too, like someone commented above, add them to your salads, free food!


Well now I know what that stuff is! We've had a bunch of it, too, but our landscapers came through last week to do the spring clean-up and got rid of it. I'm off to explore that site to see if I can figure out what the other weeds are (other than something I want gone from my garden!).

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