Meet . . . The Poor Relations
Getting Up To Speed . . . With a Bonus Reminder


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That's some great purple but my favorite is Erin!


Erin is my favorite too - she looks so pretty! Enjoy her visit and have some fun.


What a lovely new flower to find in your garden!!


Have a wonderful visit with your purple girl!


Lovely floral purples and Erin is the best purple of all!


Yay for visits from daughters! XO Enjoy!!


You really do have a green thumb if you're managing to grow people in your garden now! Enjoy your visit with Erin!

kim in oregon

Today I played "do you know what this plant is called" and I did poorly--got allium and iris. Oh well.


What a lovely face among the ferns. And such a beautiful smile! Bet there is nothing better! No purple in my so-called “garden” but an overwhelming amount in my stash. Have always loved purple iris!


Beautiful flowers! But a visit from Erin is the best of all - enjoy every minute.


Wonderful post! How wonderful to have your daughter with you, I hope you enjoy your time together.


What a beautiful post. Your garden looks great but having your daughter home is the best part. Enjoy your visit.


YAYAYYAY ... I was going to comment about the purple smoke tree - have seen that around a bit and thank you for telling me what it is! ... and then I saw ERIN and she's the best thing growing in your garden for sure - ENJOY!!

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