Museum of Me: May 2022

Tales From the Garden

Hoo boy! Things are really POPPIN' out in my garden. With our sudden tropical heat wave, I've got things blooming so quickly it's making my head spin! My tulips - still in tight bud last Sunday - are opening, blooming, and dying back all in the same day. 

Enjoy them while you can. (Because tomorrow they'll just be stems!)



With things happening fast-and-furiously our there in the garden, I thought it might be time to reprise a post I did last August featuring my not-so-secret container garden formula . . . 

Winning containers = Thriller + Spiller + Filler

Check it out and do a little planning before visiting your local nursery.
Because, friends . . . It's planting time!


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Thank you for that reminder! Maybe this weekend we will get to a greenhouse!

(and I love your tulips!)


Those tulips are beautiful, even if their blossoms are going to be short-lived. Thanks for the container reprise, I will be shopping at the garden center this weekend.


Those are lovely tulips. I'll be planting herbs tomorrow. The big container planter shopping trip is next weekend with Doreen . . . but I'm not sure I can wait that long so I may have to do an advance scouting mission!


I'm not sure when we will get to our favorite nursery! Fletch wanted to go one morning next week...but that is when I have to be in the office every day. Oh well...we will get there And, it is mostly veggie plants we want (and a nice Rosemary plant for my patio). I love the way tulips look, but I really don't like the way they are so short-lived!


I am gobsmacked! Stuff has grown an actual foot in just a couple of days. Close to 90 today and tomorrow... it's nuts.

kim in oregon

Tulips in May! Amazing!


Ha! I just thought of you and your formula - a thriller, a spiller, and a filler as I browsed in a local nursery this afternoon. Thanks for the encouragement.


I am picking up the plants I ordered from a local plant sale this weekend, so I hope to be digging in the dirt very soon. Enjoy those blooms while they last!

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