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My mom used to knit dishcloths . . . for herself, for my sister, for my kids, for her friends, and for me. She got me hooked on using hand knit dishcloths decades ago, and I have purchased very few "store-bought" dishcloths ever since. Having a ready supply of dishcloths from my mom also meant . . . I never had to make them for myself.

All that has changed, of course.

My mom might not be around to make them for me anymore, but I still prefer them to any other dishcloth. So I've had to resort to knitting my own. . .


Every 18 months or so, I go on a little dishcloth knitting tear . . . and whip up a new supply for myself. (I find they last for a good two years before they really wear out and unravel, so this keeps my inventory steady, with "planned turnover.")

They aren't my favorite things to knit (it's the cotton), but they're quick and easy -- and if I'm focused, I can knit a new supply fairly quickly. (Especially if I'm working a slow election.) (Did you know you can knit two Ball Band Dishcloths over the course of a slow 15-hour shift?)


My favorite pattern is the Waffle Knit Dishcloth (link is NOT a Ravelry link). It's quick and effective, and it's fun to add the little blocks of color (although you certainly don't need to). Sadly, these will also be the first to fall apart, so I usually throw in some Ball Band Dishcloths, too (link is also NOT a Ravelry link). My Ball Band Dishcloths outlast all others, every time. This go-round, I also added a new pattern - Sarah's dishcloth "recipe" she recently shared on her blog (again, NOT a Ravelry link). I think Sarah's riff on the dishcloth will become another go-to favorite for me.

There you have it: What I've been knitting lately. I'm happy to have refreshed my dishcloth inventory, and I'm also happy to be finished with dishcloth-cotton . . . for now.

I've moved on to something a bit more . . . complicated. Certainly bigger. And from wool. 
Stay tuned!


How about you? What are you making these days?


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They may not be fancy, but they're certainly a lovely sight in the colors you've chosen! I'm glad you enjoyed the recipe I shared, and I'll be interested to hear how it holds up to use. So far I've only made two cloths using that pattern, and both of them went to my mother, so I need to make some for myself to test out.


I had a skein of linen that I used to knit some clothes that I use on my face and I love them. I want to knit more for the kitchen but the cotton is such a deterrent.


The grey and yellow is a lovely color combination.

The waffle one is definitely one I need for my dishcloth collection.


I recently made a few dishcloths for myself and now my sister is asking for some. That waffle pattern is my favorite, along with the ball band pattern. Seeing Sara's pattern, I think I'll give that a try next.


Love your colors!! What a nice set.

kim in oregon

I've never been a dishcloth knitter but now you are inspiring me! What yarn do you use? I'll have to get some since I have no cotton in the stash that I can think of. Cotton and creme? Or dishie from KP?


I don't like to knit with makes my hands ache. So I'm not a dishcloth knitter. I'm finally getting back to a shawl that I'm designing. It's going ok but slowly and there is a mistake that shows if you know what to look for. But I didn't have a lifeline and didn't want to tink ~260 stitches. I have a lifeline now!


The humble dishcloth is really kind of a perfect project (especially if things are slow at the polling place) and kind of addictive. Yours are lovely and make me want to knit some more of my own!


I love your new dishcloths! I have knit them over the years but these days I almost exclusively use Swedish dishcloths. They are fun to shop for while on vacation and make for great mementos of trips.


I did not know that the Ballband dishcloth outlasts other! Makes sense, though; none of mine have started to unravel, but others have.


I love handmade dishcloths. Lately I've been using a swedish dishcloth or double sided sponge thing I found in our kitchen. Time to make some more.


Your new collection might even entice me to spend some cleanup time in the kitchen ;-) I've never knit a ball-band dishcloth! ...and curious if you choose a different color story for each collection?


Nice color choices! I was just thinking the other day that it is time to knit some more. When mine start to wear out - either unravel or get a hole - I use them for scrubbing floors. They work great for that!


I’m not a dishcloth fan. Tend to use a sponge. But find it interesting and useful that a slipstitch pattern holds up better than any other (although waffle stitch is my favorite in appearance). Took a brioche class years ago with Nancy Marchant herself (those were the pre-Pandemic days!) and in spite of her inspiring and motivating presence, could not get the hang of the brioche slipstitch sequence. Maybe there are others that my recalcitrant brain will accept? Has anyone tried linen for a dishcloth? I hear linen is indestructible. Not to mention beautiful, hanging shimmeringly from a faucet. (My one linen project did NOT hurt my hands, while cotton is always a pain. Go figure.)


Like minds... I have on my list to stop at JoAnns and get some dish cloth yarn!

Your stack is lovely and thank you for the links to a variety of them!


I like your gray and yellow combination. Thanks for the link to the waffle pattern. That is new to me. I cast on another of Sarah's slip-stitch pattern because I am enjoying the first one. I think this is the season for fresh dish cloths. I like your system for maintaining a supply.


I too have been dishcloth knitting, mine are for selling for others to use. I now have six, I have two more months to go so could have more than double that to sell, fingers crossed. Mine are all cream but I love your different coloured cloths they are so lovely. I don't get what the issue is with knitting cotton, I have read that in so many places it has no effect on my hands am I just lucky?

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