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On Looking Out

When we moved into our house . . . back in 2003 . . . I was delighted by our windows. At that time, they were much different than they are today.


(This is today, by the way.)

Each window was broken up into those little grid patterns that look so charming from the outside, but are a nightmare of dusting from the inside. (They really did look charming.) Further, our two front bay windows and the big living room window at the back of the house were first subdivided into 3 narrow, vertical panels, with each panel divided into the little grids. It looked nice, really, although it was a lot of grid.

Within a year, though, I convinced Tom that the little grids had to go. It wasn't so much the cleaning part (although there was that), but all those grids really broke up my view . . . looking out. The narrow, vertical panels remained, however.

Years later (in 2016), we replaced all the windows in the house, and it was my chance to start fresh. I had to go to the mat with the window guy . . . insisting that I wanted big, open picture windows and NO grids or panels in my windows at all. He thought I was nuts. He kept going on and on about "curbside appeal" and how wonderful the gridded windows would look from the street. He kept foisting "samples" at me . . . of all the different window grid styles I could choose from.

But those little window grids? They just aren't for me. They are absolutely charming, but I want to SEE out my windows. By then, I had created some lovely views in my yard and gardens, and we have gorgeous sunset views from the front of our house. I wanted those views to be part of my house from the inside . . . without being broken up by the grids. With gridded windows, things might look "better" (nicer? more desirable?) to people on the outside, looking in. But those grids really distort the views for the people on the inside, looking OUT.

I held my ground, and in the end, I got just what I wanted: plain, big, ungridded glass windows!


IMG_8794 2

I have never regretted my decision.

"The window has a wonderful view of the lake, but the view doesn't view itself."
                        --- Wisława Szymborska


I hope you have a wonderful week, with plenty of time for looking out . . . at all the best views.


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What glorious large windows! (Pittsburgh is the city of small, narrow least in my neighborhood... sigh) and I live with a Cave Dweller... it is a constant battle... blinds up... blinds down... curtains open... curtains shut.

Happy Monday to you! :)


Good for you for telling the window guy what you wanted! Curb appeal seems like kind of a crazy idea unless you're trying to sell your house, and even then I care more what my view from the inside looks like. Enjoy your ungridded garden and sunset views!


I'm glad you got to have the windows you wanted, it really does make it look so open! And you certainly have incredible views, too! Curb appeal should be about what appeals to YOU not arbitrary people walking by who may or may not be cleaning up after their dogs. (Sorry, I had to LOL)Our windows have grids but they are between the panes of glass so they don't interfere with cleaning. I love the way they look with our old cottage style house but I had to win Dale over to this style.


The openness is so lovely Kym. I'm glad you got the plain windows you wanted. Your views are so pretty.


I especially love that big window in your living room!!

We were at a friends' house for dinner the other night -- a really lovely '50s ranch (in the very best way) -- and they have an ENORMOUS 8' wide picture window in the living room overlooking the back yard (and former golf course/now community garden beyond). The couch faces the window and what a glorious view on that "big screen" of their own lovely gardens and all sorts of birds & wildlife.


I just love how your gardens feel designed for both outdoor AND indoor enjoyment. I don't think I've ever thought of it that way--but your photos convince me it ought to be a priority!


I'm glad you stuck to your guns - the windows - and those views! - look amazing!


Good for you for sticking to your preference for windows. Curb appeal is lost on me. Your views look amazing.


Hurray for you! Holding your ground takes FORTITUDE. And being there almost every step of the way or they will slip a construction mickey into your design specifications when you are not looking. Changing window size or shape, countertop height, door height, even room size although in our case they accidentally made it slightly larger, lucky us, but ruined something else to financially compensate their mistake. Love how your house turned out. So liveable!


What beautiful views! I'm with you. Bringing the view in is almost like living outdoors!

(I've never understood how people can spend their whole existence with the drapes closed.)


I am always boggled by salespeople who try to talk you out of what you want -- I'm sure the cost difference, if any, between grids and no grids was not a big deal, and isn't the customer always right? We have grids in our windows, but we usually have the blinds down because the other houses are so close that we need the privacy. What I really enjoy is lifting the blinds in the big glass sliding door on the back of our house -- no grids there, plus they look out on the back deck, where, thanks to the trees, we have some privacy from our neighbors.


I love big windows too we have them in our house which we moved into in the exact same year ;). We call the grid windows Georgian windows here in the UK my childhood home had them and I hear you on them breaking up the view delightful as they might look from the street. Big windows also let in lots of light which is a bonus too.


So many of the homes I've lived in throughout my life have had big picture windows. They were "the thing" in the 50s and 60s when my parents built their homes and the only downside was the bird that occasionally met their end when hitting my mothers perfectly cleaned windows. The view of your garden and the gorgeous sunsets trump any "curbside appeal" the window guy might see.

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