A Little Rant to Start The Week

And Then . . . It Was Summer

I've been griping about the lack of Spring for weeks now. It's been cold -- with plenty of rain, sleet, some snow, and continued cold. Grey, blustery days. No sunshine. It's been a real keep-out-the-winter-jackets kind of spring.

Until Saturday. When Spring finally arrived. 

It lasted . . . 3 days.


Today, full-on Summer arrives. As in mid-to-upper 80s every day this week. Go directly to Summer. (Do not pass go; do not collect $200.)

I know it won't last. Spring will be back on Saturday, with cooler and more Spring-like temperatures. But this shot of summer will create LOTS of action out in my garden. Once all that sunshine and warmth hits my just-emerging plants, things are going to EXPLODE out there! 

You'll find me hustling to get my spring garden chores done today. As things really heat up in my garden - with growth and bloom on fast-forward, I'll miss my opportunities to dig up and transplant and get to the last of those damn hairy bittercress weeds before they go to seed. If you're looking for me today . . . head for the garden.

Because here comes Summer!
(Ready or Not.)


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I am of the same mindset as you today... I'll be in the garden because... yep... Summer arrives in 3, 2, 1...



We're in the middle of our three days of spring, but summer will be arriving shortly here, too. The soil temps still aren't quite warm enough to plant, but maybe by the end of the week. Good luck with the hairy bittercress and the rest of the garden chores!


Still waiting for even a day of spring here. I fear we will go from 50 to 80 with no in between. Hank goodness for good garden gloves and boots


We've got some 80s in the forecast, too, but our lows are still chilly, so I don't think we're skipping to summer just yet (though today we're getting a new AC unit installed -- which means we're likely due for another cold spell once it's up and running). I really need to get my seeds going so I can plant soon!


I’ll take my summer whenever I can get it! Last Saturday it was in full blazing-sun glory. Then on Mother’s Day it turned to early March, cloudy sky, shivery-ness. Hope your garden can respond well to this year’s all-over-the-place weather, Kym.


Good luck Kym! I know you will enjoy your gardening time. Our weather is pretty much perfect (my opinion) right now. Days in the 70's and cooler nights - good for sleeping with windows wide open. I was just out at the garden with Fletch and I can harvest some rhubarb, so I will be doing that later today.


Our spring has been VERY slow to arrive this year. We've had sunshine but the temps have been cool and even cold and the wind since last Friday has been relentless. That shot of summer is headed our way this Thursday and I'm going to welcome it! Looking ahead, I think it will finally be warm enough to plant outside! Hooray!


Gorgeous tulip.

Still spring here and w-i-n-d-y. Danika and I were having coffee at a park today and her cup almost blew off the table.


It does seem crazy that you're seeing summer before us! it is mid-70's, low humidity, and sunny here and I am enjoying every minute of it!


Our summer arrives tomorrow and we're headed to NH overnight to hike. Gardening will have to wait until Friday!


OMG. We went from "it finally feels like spring" to "hot August nights" in a blink! So steamy.


We had spring last Saturday. Sunday was late winter, and Monday and Tuesday were Summer. Hot, muggy, severe thunderstorms and hail and veryveryvery windy. Oh, well, at least we don't have to shovel muggy.


We have also gone straight to summer this week. - 90 degree weather and humidity. Someone flipped a switch! Good luck with your gardening.

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