The Merry Month of May
Two For the Price of One!

A Little Guessing Game

Look! It's my larch tree . . . coming back to life!

(This amazes me every year.)
(I don't know why I should be so amazed. It's a native tree, and this is what they do. But still.)



By the time you read this post, I will be hard at work at today's special election.

There is only ONE issue on the ballot: a millage renewal request.
And that translates into . . .  a very long - and likely very slow - day at the polls.

I'll have my knitting. And a book. And the NYTimes crossword puzzle (from Sunday).
But it's gonna be a long, long day.

Here's the guessing game: How many total voters will vote where I'm working today?

(Hints: I'll be working in a location that is combining TWO precincts for this election. It's in a fairly "polictically active" area of the city, and turnout is generally high, although it is not expected to be high for this election. The issue being voted on is not controversial, and has not garnered media attention. The population of Portage is 49,000, and there are 20 voting precincts in the city.) (Oh. And the weather forecast is for rain. All day. . . )

Leave your guess in the comments. There will be a prize!


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I do love your Larch tree - so pretty. I've no idea about the number of voters. But rain, 20 locations for 49,000 people...I will guess 1,568. I hope it's more and I hope you are not too bored!!


Turn out for our spring elections here is generally low and around 2000 voters in a town of 14,000 people. I predict for you . . . 625. Hope it's more and really hope the day passes quickly for you. Thank you for doing this, it's so important to protect fair elections with good workers at the polls.


Oh dear. I'm afraid you're not going to get many people, and I'm not even going to hazard a guess. But I do want to thank you for working the polls and I hope that if it's a slow day you at least get some good knitting done!


Your Larch tree is like a glowing beacon... gorgeous!

And voters... hmmm... my guess on your voter turn out is 739...

Good luck today! XO


I'm going to guess 804. I hope it's a lot more, and I hope your day passes quickly, but I just read an article about voter turnout (and it's abysmal).


No guesses from me. But thank you for your service.


Your Larch tree is lovely! I’m guessing 875.

kim in oregon

I have no idea but I'll guess 1200, hoping it isn't raining.



The larch is amazing!


Well this is fun! The number 749 came to mind immediately, so I'll stick with it.


My initial was 1300. We had under 500 yesterday! But the "good" candidate won! (And in this lets just say conservative town that was HUGE!)


I'm going with the first number that came to mind. I didn't do any math but I think could be a pretty small percentage considering, well, rain mostly. I'm going with 250.


We have elections here tomorrow too, really important ones for our area a complete restructure of our local government in my county. I am hoping that Boris's party are kept out and people will vote to do that!

I am wondering what kind of day you had, hope the rain did not stop folks turning out. I am guessing 1,106 a totally random number!


The Larch tree has that perfect bright Spring green. I wonder how you fared at the election. 525 as a guess.


I think I need a larch, gotta look it up! How's 767 voters??

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