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Rough Days

I'm taking a couple of days off to mourn the loss of our dear Jenny. 


15 years is a long time for a dog to be in this world.
And Jenny? Well. She made the most of those years, and enjoyed every one of her days.

Jul09 05

I will always choose to remember Jenny most up north, at the lake.
She loved the boat, the water, fishing, swimming, retrieving flotation devices of all kinds.


I'll also remember her in the garden, as she's always been my gardening companion. She had a true affinity for my hostas . . . from her first puppy-summer (where she flattened everything) to this photo taken last year. I'll miss her out there . . . "grubbing" in the soil with me, and popping out from under the hosta leaves.


Oh, Jenny.

15 years . . . is a long time for a dog to be part of a family.
She'll be missed.
So much.

“Dogs’ lives are too short. Their only fault, really.”
                                – Agnes Sligh Turnbull


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Oh, dear Kym. I'm very sorry to hear about the loss of Jenny. So hard for you and your family. It is clear to all of us who read your blog what a treasure Jenny was and how much she meant to you.


Oh Kym. I am so sorry. Sherman and I are sending you and Tom all our love today.

Sue N

So sorry to hear this, hugs to you all at this sad time x


So sorry for your loss. 15 years is a long life and with your family a good life for Jenny.


I'm so sorry to hear about the departure of Jenny, and am sending you much love. I hope your memories will be a source of comfort and eventually provide smiles and laughter. XO


I’m so very sorry to hear about your beloved Jenny.


Oh Kym, I'm so sorry for your loss. Abby and I our sending hugs and sympathy to you & Tom.


Oh, Kym. Peace & love & hugs to you all. Thank goodness for memories.


Oh this breaks my heart, I always felt like I knew her through your pictures and stories. I hope she had as peaceful a departure as possible.

What a wonderful pup life she had with you guys - her own lake, her own cabin, her own garden, her own pet dog, and her own people!

Everyone at our house will say a special prayer for her tonight and for all of you. Take care. xoxoxo


My sympathies for the loss of your beloved Jenny. She had a wonderful life with your family. Peace and hugs.


I'm so sorry, Kym. Jenny had a wonderful life for sure. Hugs.


So so, sorry for your loss of Jenny. They make such big foot prints on our hearts. don't they? Remember her well.

kim in oregon

Oh I'm so very sorry about your loss. They are always in our hearts, forever.


I'm so sorry and I know how sad you and Tom must be. Jenny was a good dog and you gave her a wonderful life. I can see her now, jumping off the dock to retrieve a flotation device! And I'm hoping that she and Dixie will get together and play up there in doggie heaven.


I am so sorry for your loss. I know that you will see her out of the corner of your eye as you go about your day for months to come....Pets, just have a way of doing that. Hugs.

Where in the world did you come up with a quote from Agnes Sligh Turnbull? She is from where I grew up...I thought only the locals knew her. Her book The Nightingale is about the region.


Oh Kym, I am so very, very sorry to read this. Losing a pet is such a difficult thing and as someone mentioned, you will probably see her out of the corner of your eye for months. I still see Tyg sometimes and even Maestro. Jenny was so fortunate to have you and Tom as her family. Sending you much love.


I'm so sorry that sweet Jenny is gone. Gone but not forgotten. She'll always be in your heart. ❤

kathy b

Kym I am so very sorry. The goodbye is awfu1. give yourse1f time. Big hugs

Julia in KW

So very sorry for you and your family. So hard to deal with that empty space on the floor. 💔 oh but the stories you no doubt have!❤️


I am so sorry about Jenny. Hugs.


I am so very sorry to hear this Kym. Doug, Boone and I send our love.


How wonderful to have so many good memories of Jenny at this heart-breaking time. Our pets are such a big part of our hearts and lives. Labs have such a wonderful personalities. Take good care Kym.


I'm so sorry to hear about Jenny. You are in my thoughts sending virtual hugs.


I am so sorry to hear about Jenny. Love to you and your family as you say goodbye.

Kim in Canada

Dear Kym, This is so hard to read and I know it must be so much harder to write. Dear Jennny has been a fixture here on your blog and your mutual love shone through the internet. Please accept my condolences. I believe she will be with you in spirit and maybe you will get a glance of her from time to time in her favourite spots, especially in those long-suffering hostas. Dogs are the best, aren't they? Sending you love and a hug today.

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