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Perfection in Sweatshirt Form

Not much knitting going on (and what I am knitting is very slow these days), but I've been doing some sewing.

A couple of weeks ago I made a super simple something that I've been wanting to sew for a couple of years now.


It's this pattern - The Sidney - from Merchant and Mills . . . a super oversized sweatshirt that is perfect for cozy layering (which is my preferred "style" of dressing, don'tchaknow). 


I used Merchant and Mills' Makers Jacquard Cotton for my sweatshirt. It's divine stuff . . . a layer of cotton backed by a layer of gauze with yarn-threads in the middle - and then quilted. I love it (although sewing with it was kind of messy - lots of lint; just sayin).

As spring (slowly) arrives, and I pack my wool sweaters away for the season, this sweatshirt will be a constant, comfortable companion out in the garden and around the campfire up north.


It's truly perfection . . . in sweatshirt form!

(And for all of you showing off your daffodils? You can see mine . . . just poking up in my garden now. Those little green bits.) (Yep. It'll be awhile still. . . )


I got a comment yesterday from Linda . . . about Young Mungo . . . pointing out that it's currently available for Kindle for $9.45. I just wanted to pass that along in case you're interested. (And thanks, Linda!)


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Oh Kym! It is just a glorious sweatshirt! And it adorns you so beautifully! :)

I am in awe of the hem band, the cuffs, and the neck band... wow! Perfection!


That is the perfect sweatshirt! I wish you lots of sweatshirt-wearing weather and daffodils soon!


Love the sweatshirt Kym and it does look so good on you and it does look so absolutely comfy! The materials sounds really, really interesting. Won't be that long before your daffodils are blooming. Also, we get the weekend edition of The Wall Street Journal and this past weekend in the book section was a nice review of Young Mungo (and I have now moved up to the #2 position on the wait list at my library!!).


Here's a link to the Young Mungo review in the WSJ - not sure if anyone can access it without a subscription, but here it is:


Oh wow. That looks SUPER comfy!! That fabric looks/sounds amazing.


The sewing does indeed sound messy, but it was worth it! That looks like the perfect comfy layering piece for this time of year.

I hope your daffodils come up quickly!

kim in oregon

Oh my gosh that is a great sweatshirt! It's an elevated sweatshirt!


That sweatshirt looks so good and comfy! Perfect for this fickle spring! I hope your daffodils bloom soon!


That sweatshirt looks cozy and comfy, a perfect combo for wearing! Most of my daffodils are in full bloom right now and I am loving them so much. Yours will be, too, and I'll be jealous because then mine will be all done.


oooh, what a fantastic layer for ALL the seasons (? even summer? Up North?) ... and those little daffodil shoots make me smile. I noticed this morning that our pin oak is almost bare; I can't wait to see little leaves there.


That sweatshirt looks so comfortable and wearable. I predict you will get a lot of wear out of it. I admire your sewing skills and ability to choose patterns that work well for you.


I like to hear about sewing, even though I don’t sew any more. Your sweatshirt looks like something you want to live in!


That looks so cosy and comfy, a good staple to have in the wardrobe

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