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Spring Cleaning, Digital Style - Week 1

Ravelling Away

I'm back.
Not really feeling all that much more settled, but ready to connect again. And what better way to do that . . . than with knitting!

I thought you might like a Big Brown Blob update. . . 


We have Progress!

And, actually, we also have Motivation. I want to get this finished so Tom can wear it on a March 17 fishing trip. No problem! (Plenty of time!)

We've been checking the fit frequently, so I'm confident there. I knit the neckband before starting the sleeves . . . because I wanted to make sure we had a good starting point for sleeve length. (I find the sleeves can pull up a little if you don't knit the neckband until later.) And once I got to the body length I think works (before the ribbing), I stuck the stitches on a string while I knit the sleeves. I don't want to commit to a length, and then have to rip out the ribbing to adjust, y'know? (After I finish the 2nd sleeve, I'll probably even block the sweater before making a final decision on the length.) I really do want it to be Just Right.


There you have it.

The Big Brown Blob is shaping up nicely!


How about you? What are you working on this week?



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That blob suddenly looks like a sweater... I love when that happens! I love that yarn! Those little flecks... perfect!

(and welcome back!)


Go you! Nothing like a deadline to enhance motivation!


I like your ideas on knitting a sweater (neckband before sleeves, sleeves before finishing body) and it certainly looks more like a sweater and less like a blob now! The more I see it the more I like that yarn too - love all the different flecks in it. March 17th sounds like a very doable deadline. Good to have you back Kym!


I don't think you can really call it a blob anymore -- that right there is a real, actual sweater! The closeup is such a great photo for showing how much more interesting the yarn is than it appears from farther away. I think Tom is going to look smashing in it!


BBB does look very nice, and I'm sure that all your details concerning the fit will make it Just Right. Tom will be the best-dressed fisherman on the river!


That will make a very nice fishing sweater.


I never considered that about the neck band but it's great advice and makes good sense. I know it's going to be Just Right and I know that Tom appreciates all your attention to making it that way.


You will be done in no time and Tom will be a very happy man!! Now is a great time for zen-like, mindful knitting.


Beautiful. The yarn is so richly luscious.

Haven't knit much this week. It's tough to settle down with anything right now. I've been avoiding most things and eating too many sweets. (And I don't even like most sweets. I'm a salty/crunchy type.)


I too love the flecks in the yarn, it is growing well. I hope you can get it completed for your deadline!


oh yay! it's looking great!! and I love the tips you're sharing about checking fit - knitting the neckband, and the sleeves! - before committing to the body length. I do think blocking before you decide is a great choice. (and of course curious minds want to know what you might be planning for YOU during that weekend and I can only hope it's a bit of selfish knitting!)


p.s. I hope you're gonna rename this sweater! and maybe share a whole soundtrack for the knitting?!?


This Big Beautiful Brown Sweater is so close to the finish. Your rationale for the order of finishing is very thoughtful. I predict you are going to meet the finishing deadline. And then what will come next?

kathy b

1ove the big brown b1ob. Your stitches are so even!

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