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Spring Cleaning, Digital Style - Week 4

Not Many Words; Mostly Pictures

Today I've got a quick and dirty post covering  a LOT of ground. 
Let's begin.


First up, the modeled shot of Tom wearing the (no longer) big brown blob. Which was finished in plenty of time for him to wear on his fishing trip with Brian last week. By the time he caught this steelhead (SO shiny!) . . . 

IMG_7500 2

it was too hot for a sweater. But he assures me it was good luck anyway . . . as he and Brian caught several of these babies. And Brian caught the brown-trout-of-a-lifetime (until he catches one bigger, that is).

IMG_7504 2

So. It was a good sweater . . . AND a good day fishing.

(And if you're looking for sweater details, you can see them here on Ravelry.)

What NEXT? you ask.

Well. Color. Lots of color.
You could say . . . I'm rolling around in color!

I'm painting. . . 



(This is based on this famous painting, The New Novel, by Winslow Homer.)

I'm sewing . . . 

IMG_8199 2

(Yet another Remy Raglan. . . )

IMG_8181 2

(And a soon-to-be Merchant and Mills 'Sidney'. . . )

And even doing a little knitting . . . 


(Just getting started on one of these. It doesn't look colorful at this point, but it will be.)


(And thinking about this combo for a Humulus; the raspberry for the main color, the neon green for the contrast.)

In other words, I'm saying . . . Goodbye, Big Brown Blob!


How about you? What are you making this week?


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Tom makes the Big Brown Blob just look awesome! :) And nice fishing!

But rolling around in color is just awesome! I love all the things!


So many great things here Kym! First of all, the Brown Blob turned into a great sweater! What a fabulous Brown Trout! My brothers would be envious. But all your colors now - love seeing your painting, love your sewing (and the pop of color at the neckline). I'm waiting to start my SSP shawl until I have some other things finished. Love your color choices for Humulus too - that will be a very fun sweater!


What a lot of lovely things! I was back at my sewing machine yesterday and I have that shawl on my needles too. I love your colors for the Humulus sweater. When we have to wait for garden weather, colorful fiber is a good alternative.


The BBB looks so good, and those fish pictures are fantastic! I'm going to show Justin and I'm sure he'll be quite envious of Brian's brown trout. All of your color and sewing is just lovely. I'm wondering if your possible Humulus colors were inspired by Agatha? (I've never knit anything inspired by a book cover, but this is a good one!)


The sweater, as I've told you, looks amazing -- a perfect fit and a style that really suits Tom! And clearly it was good luck for fishing. I'm absolutely in love with your painting! It's been many years since I last picked up a paintbrush, but I'm very inspired by your work. And I adore your Humulus color combination!


Lovee the un-Blob. Looks amazing!

The paintings are amazing. How beautifully you combine the colors!

SSP was previously downloaded and as soon as I finish the Kiki Mariko, I'll search my (pretty limited) stash to see if I have anything appropriate to knit it with. (Thanks for the link!)


Tom looks so good in his sweater, but how wonderful is it that it's warm enough not to wear it! (That isn't happening here.) Look at the size of the fish(es)! Wow! Both your guys look happy as can be. Your are keeping yourself is full artist mode with so many great projects. I look forward to seeing your SSP!


The Big Brown Blob wearing The Big Brown Blob is so meta, Kym! ;-)

Seriously, it looks great! And wow are you busy with COLOR now! Everything looks so appealing, I hope it's as enjoyable as it seems to be.


I love the paintings! Your use of color is outstanding.

kim in oregon

Love everything but love the paintings so much!
This week, basically, I'm downloading what everyone else is knitting and planning to knit those too.


Your colors for Humulus remind me of the cover of Agatha of Little Neon! Your paintings are beautiful and the sweater is perfect for Tom. Those are some impressive fish, too!


Tom's enthusiasm for that fish is so joyful. The fish is beautiful. Do you eat them or is it catch and release?

Your paintings are so pretty.

Sounds like you have had a very productive week.


What a wonderful post! A finished off big brown blob, a big fish and so many wonderful pops of colour and amazing projects.


The BBB looks great on your husband. That sweater looks like a classic he will wear for a long time and isn't that what we want for our knitting? Both fish are great catches but that trout is exquisite. Beautiful painting too.


I loved every single picture. Aren’t you glad you suffered through all that stockinette?


I’ll have to make sure I show Dan those fish! BBB is indeed just perfect. Your painting is just beautiful- you have such a great eye. I’d like a Humulus one of these days myself. I’m chugging away on my cable piece. Back and one sleeve done…thinking of just cranking out sleeve two so when all.that. cabling…is finished on the front I’ll be done!


All kinds of wonderful things - I enjoyed every picture, but especially the paintings. I think your color idea for Humulus is exciting - the SSP will be wonderful!


Love those fishing photos!!

And I love all of your colorful new projects... perfect follow-up to brown blob knitting!

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