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It's a Wrap!

Thanks so much for coming along on our latest Read With Us adventure. I just love talking about books with other readers. And it makes my heart so happy when you pick up a book to . . . read with us . . . and then take the time to discuss it with us, too.


A week ago, we hosted the book discussion for our latest selection, Agatha of Little Neon by Claire Luchette, on our blogs and then with a lively Zoom meet-up in the evening. The discussions were interesting and engaging, and I think it's safe to say . . . our readers generally liked the book, to some degree. As expected, there were also readers who didn't like it quite as much.

And that's what's so great about a book group!

Each of us brings our own personal history, tastes, and experiences to the discussion -- not to mention our preferences for character development, storyline, pacing, setting, and language. It's always interesting to hear what other readers have to say about the book we've all just read. 

Which brings me to the wrap-up. At this point, I'm intended to share some of our discussion highlights . . .


And I would love to.
If only I could find the notes I jotted during our Zoom.
(I'm really rather embarrassed that I've lost them. But there you are. I have lost them.)

So. . . 

How about a photo of our Zoom group instead?


There were 16 of us for most of the discussion last week (two of us needed to leave early for other commitments and missed the photo op). Just like an in-real-life book group, we sip a little wine, knit some, have a bit of chit-chat, talk about the book . . . and laugh a lot!

And . . . we roll with it. . .
When we read the books so long ago we can't quite remember it anymore.
And when we don't agree with each other.
And when we can't stay for the whole discussion.
And . . . even when we lose the discussion notes!

(Book groups are the best.)

Stay tuned. We'll be announcing the spring Read With Us selection early next month


(And if you took part in the Zoom and you'd like to share some of our discussion highlights in the comments, please feel free to do so. Since I seem unable to do so myself.)



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Kym, so glad you have such enthusiastic book club members to interact with. I know how it feels. Sorry that as much as I love to read and analyze and discuss almost everything including movies, clothing styles, even kitchen drawer organization, (and therefore understand the impulse) for some reason, this rarely applies to books. I just want to read ‘em, savor them and go on to the next one - like Pac Man who just munches along happy to be his robotic self. At least in the moment. Years later I might discuss Where the Crawdads Sing, for instance, ad infinitum. But not right away, Just felt the need to write this in response to your comments on how much joy this gives you. I’m not being aloof. It’s just me. (And who knows when I might chime in if something you choose hits a nerve:). Chloe


I'm having trouble remembering the highlights beyond the things you've already said! I used to shake my head at some goodreads reviews and couldn't understand how some people didn't like a book that I loved or vice versa. Read With Us and our lively (and growing) book discussions have shown me how it is quite possible for people to have differing opinions about the same book. I have gained as much from people with different opinions as I have from people whose opinion is the same as mine. Thanks for leading a book group where I think everyone can feel welcome and learn something!


I so enjoy being part of this book club, something I've wanted to do for a long time but didn't get to until you three started this. So thank you all for that! You may have lost your notes, but I'm not sure you realize how lucky you are to have gotten a photo of me with my eyes actually open!


I love our book group so much! Thank you for writing this wrap up post and for doing a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to organizing all of this and keeping us on track.


Looks like everyone had a good time.


Thanks again Kym. I'm so happy that I started Zooming with y'all. I thought I would be more annoyed - being on a computer all day for work - but it is great and I love it. I so appreciate all that you do and also Bonny and Carole. It's a fun community, no?


I was always afraid of book groups... I am quite certain that I am not smart enough for some books (True fact... for lots of them, lol), that the books would be too "hard", or I would really not like the book... and this book club has really changed how I think about my reading. Not smart enough? Maybe, but through discussion I found myself seeing things I did not "get" in a new light and suddenly... had entirely different feelings about the book. Books too hard? Yep... but again, discussing with this truly stellar group of readers has also helped turn on the "light bulb" for me numerous times. Don't like the book? Again.. yes, there have been some, but once again... discussion opens up avenues to see things in a very different way.

I want to thank all of you (leaders and readers) for all the things I have learned since joining you all. It has become the thing I most look forward to!


As one of the blank spaces in the photo - I don't have too much to add to your notes. Maybe the best part of any book group is reading books you may or may not have chosen, and then getting to appreciate the book (whether you like it or not) a little more through the lens of other people's thoughts. Thanks for offering this experience. It was worth jumping in, even if I did have to leave early.

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