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And Then It Turned Into a Swan

Big news in the Unraveled department! The big brown blob? 


It turned into a swan!

IMG_8149 2

It's a lovely sweater, actually. The fit is perfect. Tom loves it. And he'll be able to wear it tomorrow on his fishing adventure. (Although - surprise - it may actually turn out to be too warm for it later in the day.)

We haven't had a chance for any modeled shots, but we'll do some eventually. There is no Ravelry post yet, but once I get those those photos of Tom wearing the sweater, I'll put one together. (If you're curious, it's this pattern . . . which is fine in a "basic recipe" kind of way, but really lacking in oh so many other ways. And it's this yarn . . . one of my favorites for sweaters . . . in the Meteorite colorway.)

And the song for this project? Why . . . Everlong, of course. (Because it took "everlong" to knit? Because it took me "everlong" to get around to knitting a sweater for my very knitworthy husband? Or . . . because my love for him is "everlong?" All of the above? You decide.)

[YouTunes will not allow me to insert any version of this song, so . . . click here if you want to watch/listen to a great live performance from 2008. (The one I would have loved to just insert, but no. You'll have to click in if you want to see it.)]

Breathe out.
So I can breathe you in.


How about you? What are you making this week?



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Wooo! That is truly one Swan of a Sweater! Gorgeous! (and that yarn... just perfect!)

And perfect song to sweater pairing! :)


Congratulations on crossing the finish line! Thanks for the tip to the Brooklyn Tweed yarn. I've been unhappy with my most recent yarn choices for DH's sweaters. I'll have to give it a try.


Congratulations on a spectacular finish! It didn't seem everlong to me, just long enough to make sure it fit well and would be the perfect sweater. While it does look like a swan, I hope we get to see some action shots. (Maybe catching a big fish? )


Yay for wonderful finishes.

I hope it brings Tom fishing luck!


Congratulations! On finishing, on it being a great fit, and that it's done in time to be worn this year!

Looking forward to the modeled photos!

kim in oregon

NICE! And thanks for hosting yesterday--sorry I had to duck out early (stove issue).


Hooray! It's wonderful and I hope Tom will wear it for a very long time. And now you get to knit something else. I predict it will be colorful and fun.


That is absolutely a perfect man sweater, and you get a big high five from me for getting through it! I hope you have something a little more, um, engaging lined up for your next project.


Oh nice! Congratulations on a great finish...on time! Like Dee, I hope the sweater brings Tom fishing luck. And, like others, I'm betting your next project (SSP???) is a tad bit more colorful - LOL


Congratulations on the perfect Swan sweater. It looks perfect. That yarn is on my list to try some day.


Congratulations! Sounds like exactly what my husband would like. If he wore sweaters. Mercifully he does not. Although he was gifted a gorgeous handknit sweater from Scotland in a hearty heathery brown wool and a manly waffle stitch pattern which he did love and often wore on really cold days. When it “died” it never occurred to me to harvest the crunchy but lightweight yarn or take a snapshot and find someone to help me re-create it. One of life’s little regrets. You will always be glad you knit Tom that sweater, and I am sure he will wear it till it starts falling apart (and you can use Tom of Holland’s creative mending tips to keep it going for a while longer).


What a nice accomplishment! Just make sure if he takes that sweater off he brings it home! The sweater looks like a style that can be worn and worn, enjoyed and will last years! Good work. Lucky, Tom!!


Congratulations on finishing! It *is* a great sweater. And maybe it will fill that secondary role - that sweater you finish, just as it's too warm to need it. There always is one.


I hope the fishing trip was a success. The Swan is wonderful, I hope it has may a year of wear. I am off to listen to the song now....

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