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Tales of a Feather Hat . . . Part 2

So. In last Wednesday's post, I left you with a bit of a cliffhanger. . .

Would the Feather Hat turn out to be a simple-yet-charming hat knit up with some gimmick-y yarn in a whimsical stitch pattern???
Would the Feather Hat end up a Major Disappointment, relegated to complete unraveling?

Turns out the answer is . . . rather a mixed bag!


On the one hand, it's finished.
And it fits.

On the other hand, it had its Moments. (Trust me, blocking improved the hat immensely.)


I think there just might be. . .  too many "feathers" (for my liking, at least; Erin loves them and - to my delight - wants the hat).

It's the pooling that's getting me here, I think. I am not a fan of pooling, generally. Somehow, I thought this particular pattern and this particular yarn (specifically designed to work together with something called "planned pooling") would . . . be less pool-y. But, as you can see in my photos, I was wrong. It's VERY pool-y, and all the "feathers" clumped up on one side of the hat . . . with very few on the other side.



On the good side of the Feather Hat experience . . . It was a fun and quick knit (once I got the hang of the "feathers"). The yarn is gorgeous. I love the way the colors fade in and out (you can really see this in the middle photo, above). And it's really good to try a strange, new stitch pattern once in a while.

And on the bad side of the Feather Hat experience . . . The pattern itself is TOO much (too many words, too many pages, too many useless charts for "everyday" knitting things). Pooling is pooling, even when it's "planned." And I just think there are too many feathers.

I'm not displeased, but I'm not thrilled, either. I do have a couple more skeins of this yarn . . . and I also have two other ideas to try to make it with fewer feathers. But not right now.*

(What do you think?)

Ravelry details here.


*So, now what?
Big brown blob, that's what!
It is All Big Brown Blob All The Time here, let me tell you.
(I've reached the point where I knit and knit and knit and it feels like I'm not getting anywhere.)
(But I must be. Surely I must be. . . )


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Well...I can't say I'm a fan of this hat and I'm glad I did not jump on the bandwagon. I am glad that Erin loves it and wants it! I wonder how another skein would do as a Hitchhiker? (A go-to pattern if there ever was one!). I bet your big brown blob is growing nicely and before you realize it you will be nearing the finish line!


I agree that it's a mixed bag. It doesn't seem to be the charming and interesting hat that I imagined, and I don't know that I'm a fan of the feathers clumped and pooled. I would prefer them scattered (charmingly!) around the hat, but not quite so many. Once I finish a few other things, it will be interesting to see if my yarn behaves in the same way. Ms. Blue Head wears it well, but I'm sure it will look better on Erin and I'm glad she loves it. I wish you some visible progress on BBB!


I am nodding in agreement with all of your thoughts. I do so love those fade in and out bits... I think that I can increase that by doing a shorter feather.

But really... I think that we need to have "shared tips and tricks" session (I saw a genius one last night on IG as I was doom scrolling reels... so I don't think I can find it to share it again) so any and all future "Feather" hats have the benefit of shared experience.


Party in the front, business in the back, hat!

Though not nearly as big as Blob, I'm feeling the same about my Musselburgh. I got an off dye of the Whiskey in a Teacup colorway from Gauge Dyeworks, and it's all dark grey from here on out. It'll be great once it's done; colorful stripes with a grey band one way, and grey with a striped band the other, but for now, it's grey grey grey grey grey. And, all my regular TV shows are on hiatus. Need to hit up the Netflix queue and find something new to watch.


I would certainly be a bit disappointed that the feathers aren't evenly distributed around all of the hat, but I guess that's part of the nature of the way the yarn is dyed. I'm glad Erin likes it and wants it, so I think you have a successful project in that respect.

Best of luck with the Brown Blob!

kathy b

I adore the hat. I think it is perfection. I don't even notice the poo1s. You outdid yourself . The feathers are awesome. I give it an O1ympic 10


Thanks for blazing the trail on this one and sharing your experiences. I'm less excited about casting on for this but I still plan on doing it and I'm hoping my feather distribution is pleasing. Hey, at least Erin likes it!


Such a disappointment for you! Good that Erin wants it. Will you try again with one of your other skeins?

kim in oregon

Hmmmm. My yarn is on its way to me but now I don't know whether to make this hat or not. I am making a Musselburgh and so won't really need another hat (but it really isn't about need at this point) and I've got a few other fiddly things on the needles so maybe I'll just let the yarn sit for a while and watch what you do with it!


I would like the feathers to be more evenly distributed, but it's great that your daughter likes it ! I'll start mine at a later date and will be interested to see if my yarn pools in the same way. Good luck knitting on the brown blob!

Marilyn careful!! I've knit and knit and knit and thought I wasn't getting anywhere and suddenly I had gotten somewhere but somewhere too far!


I'm beyond grateful that I no longer feel even a smidge of FOMO about this hat - and delighted that it will have a new home with Erin! The yarn seems scrumptious and what a shame to waste it ... perhaps it could make an interesting - pooling and all! - Musselburgh? or mittens??

Caffeine Girl

I love the Feathers Hat, and I think the pooling makes it look more natural. However, you have convinced me that I do not want to make one!


I am glad Erin likes the hat. It does look cheerful in the snow. The pooling doesn't bother me but it would be nice if the feathers were scattered a little more randomly around the hat. And yes, you certainly are making progress on the Big Brown Blob. Keep on trucking and it won't be long before you emerge from the black hole of knitting.


I am sorry to hear that a pattern that you had higher expectations of has not turned out as you had envisaged. I am glad to hear that all is not lost as your daughter would like to have it. When I saw the original hat I was trying to work out how the feather part worked and I get it now. It's randomness is the issue I am guessing? Sometimes that can work in knitting but it doesn't always work out how we want it to.

Hope the rows on the BBB are steadily increasing x


I have seen some shawls done this way and like them, but there's a much larger area for the planned pooling designs to scatter across -- also knitted back & forth, which probably makes a difference, too. I wonder how it would turn out on a smaller or larger circumference -- mittens or a cowl (though I don't think the feathers would wear very well in mittens).

I hope you make some headway with the black hole brown blob knitting!!


Your finished hat is very cute, but it certainly isn't worth all that effort. Very happy you found this hat a happy head (Erin) and that you know what to do to make it better suit you!

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