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Catching Up On Stuff: Sewing Aprons

I've spent a lot of time lately talking about silly feather hats and and brown-blob sweater knitting (I've started the first sleeve, by the way, so yay) . . . and I never did share my Christmas apron sewing.

Four aprons.
Using this (free and amazing) apron pattern from Helen's Closet.

I started with these two . . . for Brian and Lauren. I used medium-weight canvas fabric, and I really love the way they turned out. (Bad winter lighting in my basement sewing room . . . but you'll get the idea.)



Erin and Keith asked for a bit of whimsy for their aprons. I used the same type of medium-weight canvas . . . but I jazzed them up with some fun pockets. Aliens for Keith. Kitties for Erin.


If you're leery of "indie" patterns - or free patterns, generally - let me assure you . . . Helen's Closet patterns are REALLY good. Her directions are clear and helpful -- for those at all levels of sewing experience, with all required techniques carefully explained and diagrammed in the body of the pattern directions. There are MANY excellent tutorials available on the Helen's Closet website (really --- great tutorials for all kinds of techniques). The little finishing details Helen includes in all of her designs and patterns make for really nice finished products, and she does a great job creating wearable designs flattering to all body types. (She carries an extensive size range, too.)

That said . . . the Sam Apron pattern is promoted as being suitable for "Beginners." And I suppose that, technically, it is. I would qualify it, though, for very adventurous beginners -- or at least for advanced beginners -- with a fairly decent sewing machine capable of handling several layers of thick fabric with ease. The pattern itself is not difficult (and as I said above, the directions are clear and well diagrammed), and there are some really good techniques that would be helpful for beginners to master. It's just that there are finishing details (topstitching, bar tacks) that I think might be challenging for most beginners. These little details really "make" the apron, but they might be tricky for newer sew-ers to manage.


Still. This is hands-down the BEST apron pattern I've ever used (and I've sewn a lot of aprons in my days). It's fun to sew, it ends up looking very professional, and my kids all seem happy with their new aprons.

How about you? What are you making this week?




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These aprons are fantastic! Those extra details are key, for sure.


Those look great! I especially like your neat bar tacks. I looked at the pattern before Christmas with the idea of making an apron for Ryan, but I knew my mother's sewing machine circa 1945 wouldn't be able to handle several layers of thick fabric (and I'm not sure I'm capable either). So a new sewing machine may be in the future for me, or maybe I'll customize a pre-made apron instead.


The details in these aprons is indeed fantastic (as are her directions!) This is an excellent reminder that I want to make an apron for Steve for "Father's Day" :)


Those are great! I love to try new patterns, but PDF patterns are a problem for me. I don't have easy access to a printer, and even if I did, I hate having to cut and tape them, etc. So when printed patterns area available, I'm usually willing to spend the $$ and give it a try.

I enjoy sewing, but am definitely a beginner - a real beginner, not an adventurous one. :-)

Maybe one day though, who knows???


Oh my word ---- ALIENS!!! LOL


LOVE your aprons! So glad, despite my life-long, perhaps, pause in machine sewing, that I kept a bushel of patterns ( back in the day when they were $1 apiece on “Simplicity” day, and so on). Your beautiful aprons have provoked a renewed interest in an old-fashioned one-piece kinda sorta wraparound apron which would have been common in the thirties. Still looking for the right fabric to either ironic-ize it with a vintage print or, preferred, bring it into the 21st century - maybe with a symbolic grommet or two, per your example. Thanks for the inspiration, Kym!


These are great! The finishing details are wonderful - sometimes beginner patterns lack them (the bar tack issue) but not here! Congratulations. I'm an apron wearer of long-standing, but have learned that at least some of my personal kids aren't. I sent them aprons as a gift after a stay (when I missed having an apron in their kitchen). The next visit, I got to use an apron that hadn't been used at all. So - I bought myself a present. To each their own!



I have an apron collection. Not because I wear them, but because I cook and share food often and my friends/family believe I need aprons!

When we move to the mountains (most likely this fall, if it every stops raining up there so the builders can get back to work), I'm going to have an apron hanging area to display mine. Then, perhaps, I might be moved to actually wear one occasionally!

kim in oregon

My challenge with aprons (wearing them, not making them) is that by the time I really need to put on an apron it is basically because a disaster happened. But yours' are great! Very professional looking! Hey, email me your snail mail address again and some bookmarks will be sent your way!


These are fantastic! I am sure I could handle something like this, but I'd definitely need tips on those little details that really make them look so professional!


Thanks for sharing the link to the apron pattern and Helen's Closet! I will be making some aprons this summer for fall birthdays! The aprons you made look great!


The aprons are great! My pal JoAnne so deserves a cat apron! Who knows…maybe winter 2023!


Oh I love this Kym! And thanks for the link to the pattern. I think these would make great "sistah" gifts for my friends - we all love to cook! I never think to wear an apron till too late, but I have some of my Mom's from the 50's and 60's.


They look fantastic, I hope that they were well received. I made an apron for my MiL for Christmas, I winged it with the pattern, I got some measurements from her and made it up as I went along. I do that much more with sewing, in fact most of the time, I rarely follow bought patterns.


The details in those aprons are wonderful. I have made a few aprons in my time and enjoying sewing them. Alas my old but serviceable sewing machine probably can't handle the layers of heavier fabric. I do plan to look at the pattern though. Thank you for sharing it.


The aprons are so fun! The personalization is a nice giggle and the aprons are so well made! Your kids will love wearing them and maybe they'll invite you to dinner often!

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