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This week I'm asking you questions!


On an Unraveled Wednesday, let's talk about projects we love. What's your favorite finished project (of any kind)? And what makes it your favorite? Did you like the making of it? Or do you like the wearing/gifting of it? Or is it something else altogether?

IMG_4268 2

As for me, it's a project like this one . . . from way back in 2018. Fun to knit. Entertaining, too. Beautiful yarn. Great colors. A sense of accomplishment when it's finished. And something I love to wear, to boot!


How about YOU? I'd love to hear about your favorite project -- and what makes it so!


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It's hard for me to pick a favorite project, but I think generally what makes a great project for me is one that I enjoy knitting the whole time (meaning it doesn't feel like it drags on) and then enjoy wearing or using. One I'm thinking of is my Humulus sweater, which I just wore yesterday. It was a really enjoyable knit, meaning a great combination of pattern and yarn, and it's absolutely one of my favorite sweaters to wear. When I took it off last night, it seemed like it was getting a little worn out -- the fabric is getting a little stretched out and thin in some spots. I suppose having to knit another one wouldn't be that bad!


I love this shawl, Kym! Thank you for sharing it again. I have been thinking about an "over time" project... but I am not quite wanting a temperature knit! I have considered an "over time" crochet project, but crochet does not spark the same joy that knitting does for me. And I have at least a dozen single skeins of Koigu... hmmm.

My love project: The very first Bang Out a Sweater I knit. I figured out how to "cardiganize" the sweater and it is a much loved item in my wardrobe six years later. That was also my first introduction to the joy that is MaryJane Mucklestone... she has helped me build a wardrobe of sweaters that I love almost as much as that very first Stopover!


Aww!!! That's how I first found you! On Ravelry, that very photo shoot! Opened a fine rabbit hole. More like treasure chest...

Susanne Scheurwater

love to knit cardigans. As a woman of a "certain age", pullovers are out of the question...too hot and not generally removable!!
love to knit socks and always have some on the go.

kim in oregon

I think my favorite is the Stephen West shawl that I did--the Botanic Shawl. It was the rare knit where I used the recommended yarn. It's the first one I pull out when I need a shawl!


My favorite project, so far, is the Affiknity sweaters I made for my son and son-in-law last Christmas. Second is Bain, a scarf I made for my sister for her 60th a few years ago.

Both were engrossing, fun projects that I loved as much for the knitting, as for the gifting.


https://www.ravelry.com/projects/MidjMcB/bain (modeled by my daughter in the heat of a FL summer)


That shawl is so pretty. I love all the happy colors in it.

My favorite project EVER is a cross stitch project.

It was by far my most involved. It was the hardest. It took the longest . . . almost 3 years. I love the frame and mat. I love the time in my life that I worked on it.

It is Teresa Wentzler's The Dragon's Castle (now known on the internet as simply The Castle because someone somewhere objected to the word dragon's). I will make that my next blog post so you can all see it. I'm quite proud of it.


Your project even looks fun! Color, texture design, pattern. It's perfect. Even though it didn't pop into my head first I have to admit my favorite FO is Germinate by Kirsten Kapur. I wear it EVERY DAY! Yes, every day, as it is soft, warm, small enough to wrap around my neck, but large enough to keep me warm. It is my security blanket. The first thing that popped into my head was every sock that keeps my feet warm, as I wear a pair every.single,day throughout the winter. I'm never not knitting a sock. :)


I have two: My first, from 2010, is a tote bag I made for Ravelympics.

And my second is the Willow Cowl (a free pattern): It is perfect in so many ways, and I'm making my 4th right now!

Now, off to explore what the rest of you wrote about!


I don't know if this is my favorite. It gave me a headache or two while I was knitting it. But it is the one I'm most proud of.

Maybe the favorite is the first pair of standed mittens that I did.

It's kinda like having kids...you don't have a favorite!! :) Thanks for getting me to think about it though.


I think my favorite project is Algiers by Kristen Kapur. I loved knitting it and I love wearing it. It is the perfect size and shape to wrap around my neck on a cold day.

Gale Z

wowowow I am so impressed that others can summon up a favorite project--I just can't!! There are some I loved making from start to finish of the process, others are favorites because of my memories associated with the making--what I was doing or where I was while knitting on them, others because a giftee loves the piece so much or I made it for myself and I love wearing it.....and others because of working with a special yarn....
It IS fun to think about tho! And you look so happy in that shawl, great picture. made me smile!


I don't know if I have a favorite project but that wedding sweater I knit for Hannah was a Pretty Big Deal. I do love both of my Stopover sweaters (even more so now that I know Mary Jane Mucklestone named them for a stopover she had in Iceland) and I also really love some of the lace shawls I've made - but I don't ever wear them.


My favorite knit? Yikes! I guess if I think about it would be my Spark cardigan which was fun to knit and comfy to wear. But the knit I wear the most is the one I’ll link. I wear this poncho all the time. It is the perfect cover up for a cool summer evening out.


I love your shawl, the pops of colour are wonderful. I think I would have to choose two, one a sweater that I designed myself for myself and the other would have to be a shawl I made a couple of years ago, it is the only one I have made for myself and I live in it at this time of year, it goes with everything in my wardrobe.


That shawl is just as happy as your face wearing it! I’m probably most proud of a TTL KAL shawl - Thistle Rambles but am also particularly fond of the Log Cabin Blanket I knit with my pal JoAnne as a gift to friends.


I don't think I have an all-time favorite project - but for sure the blankets I knit for my grandsons - both before and after they were born are up there (and I even crocheted one for Sam!) I also loved knitting those TTL mystery shawls with my knitting peeps ... I still have five of those shawls in regular rotation, too.


I think my favorite project might be my Happy Times with Ryan Hitchhiker. The yarn is colorful but muted, and it goes with everything. It was one of the first Hitchhikers that I realized I could knit as many teeth as I wanted to wear it the way I liked. (This might be a little like choosing my favorite child.)


My favorite thing to knit is an asymetrical shawl from leftover and scrap yarns. I have knit several shawls this way and enjoy wearing them. I discovered when I buy yarn in colors I like, the leftovers usually go together in a shawl. My very favorite single project is always the next project, the one I'm dreaming of while I knit on the current WIPS.

kathy b

Your favorite is wonderfu1. A favorite, because I cannot name just one, is a snood I made and wear often. It is mu1ti co1ored and goes we11 with my winter jacket. It is simp1y some rows of garter in the round, same number rows of stockinette in the round. I 1ove every pair of socks I've ever made. I 1ove Grandma's Booties. They stay up, they are a fast knit on straights. Everybody 1oves them.


All time, it was Bonne Marie's Ribby Cardi in my own handspun. I wear very few of my handknits, but close-on 20 years later, I still love that thing.


A toughie! I'm proud of some of the knits I've made that challenged me in some way, and I'm definitely a process knitter, so I don't always have a FO to enjoy. But if I had to choose a favorite, it's probably Parcheesi... for many reasons, but mostly because I still use it and it still makes me happy (even giddy sometimes).

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