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This week, I'm asking you questions!


So. It's Valentine's Day . . . a day I have mixed feelings about. Tell me why you love it. Or why you don't love it. Share some memories. What's your favorite way to celebrate or acknowledge Valentine's Day, if you do at all?


As for me . . . Tom and I don't really celebrate Valentine's Day in any special way, although in the earlier days of our relationship we exchanged cards and chocolates. Now, though? Not so much. And that's fine with both of us. But . . . the other day, I mentioned to Tom that I had seen some really yummy looking treats on the Instagram feed of one of our favorite local restaurants. He decided to run over and see what they had; maybe pick something up . . . and came home with $80 worth of bakery goodies!!! (Because he couldn't decide . . . and everything looked good . . . ) $80 in bakery goodies, my friends, is a LOT of bakery goodies. Cookies and heart-shaped brownies and heart-shaped mini cheesecakes and some chocolate shortbread hearts filled with caramel and chocolate . . . and a mini pear tart. All of them beautiful. All of them delicious. (Because of course we sampled them all weekend!

(My Valentine. Sometimes he brings home Mr. Heater . . . and sometimes he brings home an embarrassing supply of Valentine treats!)


How about you?
I'm eager to hear your Valentine's Day stories!


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I love Valentine's Day because I celebrate as a day of all kinds of love, not just romantic love. And what's not to love about love? Good job, Tom!


Bravo Tom! Gosh, what a delicious surprise! :)

I think V-day is one of those useless holidays - although I did see a gif this morning that was brilliant about Valentine's Day being a fresh start to show someone you love them for the next 365 days... yeah. That.


I am all about the treats on Valentine's Day. Over the weekend, my husband and daughter went shopping in the Strip District and visited a fancy chocolate shop (the owner is a friend and former neighbor). So now I have a selection of gourmet chocolates to slowly savor.


My husband loves Valentine’s day - he I is a sucker for red envelopes and chocolate. I have a history of finding a great card - usually in January - and then misplacing it 🤣. As a teacher - it was a day that gave me a headache because the kids would be wound up.


We don't really celebrate in a big way. The holiday, like most, has become so commercial. Does anyone REALLY buy their love a new car? Big diamonds?

Steve said he wanted to make dinner. That's enough for me. :-)


I had never been a big fan of Valentine's Day since it just seemed like a commercialized holiday. We have exchanged 'presents' off and on over the years . But for the past 38 years it has been special as our oldest son was born on Valentine's Day. I still remember the dr. saying on the evening of the 13th - if you hurry up your husband and I can go out for pizza and a beer. But then as it got later he started saying - if you hold off a few minutes longer you will have a Valentine's baby. And we did!


I already shared my best Valentine's Day story last Friday in The Museum of Me, so you've heard it already. Usually, we don't celebrate at all, but today we spent the morning dealing with car trouble, issues with the notary we had arranged to close remotely on the MD house, and a broken arm (requiring surgery) in the family. Next year I'd like to celebrate in a quieter fashion. Enjoy both Mr. Heater and your multitude of pastries!


That's hilarious!!!

Not really my holiday, but I'll never balk at a box of good chocolates!!

kim in oregon

We exchange cards (handmade) and make a nice dinner, but that's about it. I've never been too 'into' the holiday, after too many years of working in an office and never getting any flowers!

I'm making a chocolate cake too, so there's that.


Yay, TOM!

We don't often do Valentine's Day, either. Maybe twice in the 35 years we've been together...

A little Valentine's love to myself by catching up on a long put off health screening, then my husband bought me lunch from Panera. They had heart shaped cookies and all proceeds were going to the local children's hospital. One Valentine procurred!

We may order in for dinner, but right now, I'm enjoying the rest of my day off of work, and knitting away on my Kiki Mariko.

Ravelry link:

I'll get back to my hats later this week.


That is the BEST Valentine's treat I've ever heard of except, of course, Carole's Cream Puffs! Smith bought two (yes two) bags of Special Dark Hersey's Kisses on Saturday because he'd never seen them and he thought they'd be a nice V-day treat. It is the thought that counts!


Tom takes the cake!!
We sort of phased out Valentines with each other, but I do give my kids treats and sometimes handmades. Years ago--and maybe we'll get back to this someday--we placed bets on the Superbowl. Whoever lost had to plan Valentine's Day! That part, in and of itself, was a lot of fun.


Who - hoo Tom. We celebrate in simple ways. In years gone by, I used to bake a layer cake in the shape of the heart but with the two of us that fell by the wayside. My hubby brought me a few flowers and I wrote a note in his annual Valentine. I save the card and write a new note each year.


I like Valentine's day. Some years, I use it as a day to share love with lots of people I care about. This year it came right after a lousy week (hard work stuff, not life-changing, just trying) and I missed the boat for anything but a hand-painted card and a waffle iron (shades of Mr. Heater) I picked out a month ago for Chuck. He always gets me a card and some especially good chocolates from a small shop locally. I love Tom's $80 impulse!

I think part of why I always celebrate holidays like V-day is that my dad (a very introverted farmer) was very sentimental and our family always celebrated Valentine's day in a small way.

BTW - to DEE --I strongly believe that a car is NOT a present for any occasion in a relationship where you share a bank account and/or credit history. It's something, but it's not a present ;-) So NO


Growing up, we always got a little treat and a small gift for Valentine's Day. So I have happy thoughts that surround it. We always try to get each other a card and something small (candy, coffee, etc.) and have a special dessert. Usually it's birthday cake, since we celebrate Pip's BD on that day.

I've never thought of it for a day just for "couples," so it's always been fun to me.


It passes me by, it is but a day of the year. I did not realise that it was Valentines Day on Monday until Tuesday morning! I don't think my husband and I have ever exchanged any gifts in the 25 years we have been together on valentines day that is. We do that often, when the time is right.

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